July 23, 2014


PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio, July 23, 2014 – Owens Community College students recently were honored for their excellence in higher education, earning membership into the Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for the Spring Semester. Owens’ chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is one of the largest in Ohio.

Phi Theta Kappa was established in 1918 by the presidents of eight Missouri junior colleges for women. In 1924, the international organization was expanded to include all two-year colleges. To date, more than one million individuals have been inducted into the international honor society.

The overall mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic excellence among two-year college students, provide opportunities for leadership training and an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals. In addition, the society continues to promote among its members the four standard hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

Selection criterion for students receiving the honor is based upon enrollment in a two-year college, completing a minimum number of course hours set forth by the individual chapter, achieving a minimum 3.5 grade point average and exemplifying academic excellence, as determined by faculty.

The Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society student inductees for the 2014 Spring Semester are:

Rawan A. Abdelrahman of Toledo

Walaa E. Ahmed of Toledo

Ganda B. Alabbas of Perrysburg

Baqer J Aljabr of Saudi Arabia

Daniel J. Angel Of Woodville

Krista K. Balduf of Wharton

Emilee A. Ball of Toledo

Jacob B. Barnard of Perrysburg

Skyler L. Bell of Mingo Junction

Brandi J. Bishop of Findlay

Jodi L. Bixler of Bowling Green

Amber L. Blackburn of Whitehouse

Lilian A. Briggs of Toledo

Kyle T. Brown of Walbridge

Nicholas A. Calmes of Curtice

Shelley R. Carr of Toledo

Jessica L. Ciacelli of Lambertville

Alex J. Claussen of Northwood

Laura K. Condon of Milton Center

Jeffry W. Davidson of Tiffin

Helen L. Dilworth of Maumee

Lauren J. Downard of Bowling Green

Bailey A. Elgin of Cygnet

Christian T. Erdmann of Toledo

Nicholas Esterline of Defiance

Joan L. Ferola of Perrysburg

Jenna N. Filas of Toledo

Matthew A. Fitch of Woodville

Barbara J. Fritz of Arlington

Libby A. Fritz of Findlay

Marah Ghannam of Toledo

Allison K. Glanz of Grand Rapids

Melissa M. Goetz of Haskins

Kamisha S. Gutelius of Toledo

Dakota S. Harrell of Sylvania

Kimberly M. Harris of Dundee

Bobbie S. Harris of Toledo

Kimberly Henninger of Logansport

Hilda V. Heuring of Toledo

Annette M. Homan of Whitehouse

Joanne Y. Hosny of Toledo

Austin P. Ibarra of Oregon

Adam J. Inniger of Williamstown

James Jacobs of Toledo

Laura A. Jensen of Graytown

Jaclyn N. Jezak of Maumee

Mary L. Johnson of Waterville

Ayisha M. Jones of Toledo

Michelle L. Keip of Toledo

Aaron R. Konoff of Whitehouse

Zachary B. Kornowski of Oregon

Kenny T. Kruse of Woodville

Brianna L. Lazur of Oregon

Ashley N. Lowry of Toledo

Jamie L. Mallery of Toledo

Donald J. Managhan, Jr. of Toledo

Natasha M. Marchese of Maumee

Daniel K. Mathena of Napoleon

Desirae A. McDonald of Defiance

James W. Metcalf of Bryan

Lindsey M. Minnig of Van Wert

Ayanda C. Mkhize of Findlay

Emily E. Mysinger of Curtice

Dean C. Niederkohr of Ottawa Lake

Leandra L. Oman of Arlington

Derek C. Opdycke of Stryker

Gili Oren of Toledo

Steven E. Osborn of Sylvania

Samantha L. Pacynski of Toledo

Nick L. Papenfuse of Toledo

John M. Rathke of Pioneer

Lawrence M. Richardson III of Perrysburg

Jason L. Ridley, Sr. of Toledo

Jacquelyne R. Robinson of Toledo

Isaiah G. Rupp of Palmyra

Leila N. Rush of Toledo

Andrew M. Schultz of Maumee

Tyler D. Selz of Perrysburg

Kathleen E. Shaw of Tiffin

Charity L. Sizemore of Toledo

Christy S. Smith of Bowling Green

Christinia J. Snider of Genoa

Terry L. Spitnale of Toledo

Jenise M. Stanley of Toledo

Elsa P. St. John of Toledo

Michael A. Stroud of Toledo

Leigha J. Sugg of Toledo

Brittany R. Suwinski of Toledo

Byron S. Swartz of Milbury

Megan R. Szymanowski of Maumee

Joshua D. Thilmony of Findlay

Stephanie M. Tucker of Fremont

Zachary L. Vickers of Northwood

Kathy M. Wagner of Toledo

Kristen E. Walton of Maumee

Joel R. Washing of Toledo

Lisa Waterfield of Grand Rapids

Jennefer P. Williamson of Toledo

Stephanie L. Wonnell of Oregon

Michael G. Yaklin of Maumee

Daniel B. York of Toledo

Rana A. Zeyadah of Toledo