April 9, 2014


PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio, April 9, 2014 – Owens Community College honors students will have the opportunity to showcase their research and creative works in multiple disciplines during the fourth annual Honors Symposium and medallion Ceremony on Friday, April 11.

The Honors Program Symposium and Medallion Ceremony will occur from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Audio Visual Class Rooms 121-128 on the Toledo-area Campus. Owens is located on Oregon Road in Perrysburg Township. The event is free and open to the public.

“Owens is extremely proud and excited to once again give our honors students the opportunity to share the result of their intellectual energy and effort,” said Dr. Russell Bodi, Owens Professor of English and Honors Program Director. “These students are leaders who have gone above and beyond the standard curriculum and The Honors Program is honored to recognize them for their hard work, dedication and accomplishments.”

The Owens’ Honors Program Symposium and Medallion Ceremony will feature oral presentations and panel discussions by students on several topic areas, including history, politics, culture, ethics, morality, critical thinking, anthropology, religion, literature, international affairs and Shakespeare, among others. Each presentation and panel discussion is a collaborative effort between Honors Program students and Owens faculty members.

In addition, the Owens Honors Program will recognize students for their educational success and leadership with the bestowing of an Owens Honors Program medallion.

The Honors Program at Owens provides a challenging educational opportunity, above and beyond the standard curriculum, for exceptional students who strive for academic excellence. Over 100 students are members of the current Owens Honors Program on the Toledo-area and Findlay-area campuses.

To be considered for admission into the selective program, a currently enrolled student must have a minimum 3.2 grade point average (GPA) with 12 credits completed at Owens. A new student must have achieved a high school GPA of 3.2 or be enrolled as a post secondary enrollment option student.

Honors Program students must complete a total of 15 credit hours of honors courses, which includes nine credit hours of elective honors courses and two core courses titled Introduction to Critical Thinking and Honors Great Readings: Ancient World through the Middle Ages. To graduate as an Honors Scholar and receive the Honors Program medallion, a student must earn a cumulative 3.5 grade point average and complete an honors portfolio where they engage in directed research or service learning around essential questions or themes appropriate to their program of study as part of a capstone project, among other criteria.

In addition, Owens Honors Program graduates are able to continue their educational pursuits at Bowling Green State University, Eastern Michigan University or the University of Toledo as the academic institutions have in place seamless transfer agreements between the respective Honors Programs.