February 6, 2013

Owens Student Leaders Inducted Into Fall Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Owens Community College students recently were honored for their excellence in higher education, earning membership into the Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for the Fall Semester. Owens’ chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is one of the largest in Ohio.

Phi Theta Kappa was established in 1918 by the presidents of eight Missouri junior colleges for women. In 1924, the international organization was expanded to include all two-year colleges. To date, more than one million individuals have been inducted into the international honor society.

The overall mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic excellence among two-year college students, provide opportunities for leadership training and an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals. In addition, the society continues to promote among its members the four standard hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

Selection criterion for students receiving the honor is based upon enrollment in a two-year college, completing a minimum number of course hours set forth by the individual chapter, achieving a minimum 3.5 grade point average and exemplifying academic excellence, as determined by faculty.

The Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society student inductees for the 2012 Fall Semester are:

Muthanna Alhayani of Toledo                                                      (business management technology)

Dana Almester of Rossford                                                               (photography)

Steven Ambrose of Toledo                                                        (business management technology)

Tyler Baer of Portage                                                                     (emergency medical management)

Debra Baker of Perrysburg                                                                   (pre-nursing)

Sarah Barker of Perrysburg                                                               (biology)

Abigail Bellas of Temperance, Mich.                                               (multi-age education)

Jacquelyn Boggs of Newport, Mich.                                                (registered nursing)

Daniel Boss of Findlay                                                                        (accounting technology)

Amanda Boyer of Millbury                                                                  (pre-nursing)

Steven Branam of Maumee                                                                (pre-physical therapist assistant)

Christopher Brickner of Findlay                                                      (technical studies)

Allison Brinkman of Perrysburg                                            (associate of arts, general concentration)

Averie Brown-Culbertson of Toledo                                              (journalism)

Jakob Buehler of Sylvania                                                                 (adolescence education)

Kala Butler of Bowling Green                                                      (pre-nursing)

Lucille Carter of Toledo                                                                 (business management technology)

Lucas Clauson of Toledo                                                                     (culinary arts)

Gina Conner of Toledo                                                                        (criminal justice technology)

Christopher Cook of Toledo                                                               (automotive technology)

Sarah Cook of Bloomdale                                                   (associate of arts, general concentration)

Marty Coombs of Toledo                                                                      (automation electronics)

Itiya Felix Miss of Toledo                              (pre-licensed practical nursing to registered nursing)

Jennifer Garcia of Oregon                                                                  (pre-surgical)

Andrew Gerwin of Gibsonburg                                               (information systems technology)

Danielle Glover of Toledo                                                                     (registered nursing)

Renee Grabarczyk-Schafer of Sylvania                            (associate of arts, general concentration)

Berkeley Haney of Monclova                                                               (undecided)

Nathan Hartman of Toledo                                                                  (commercial art technology)

Keevan Hazel of Toledo                                                                        (adolescence education)

Lamara Heiden of Holland                                                (associate of arts, general concentration)

Donald Heiden of Holland                                                                        (technical studies)

Valerie Herron of Toledo                                                                        (accounting technology)

Melanie Iacoangeli of Monroe, Mich.                                             (pre-business administration)

Joshua Jones of Toledo                                                                        (pre-professional engineering)

Destany Jones of Toledo                               (pre-licensed practical nursing to registered nursing)

Christie Jones of Sylvania                                                 (business management technology)

Shawn Kebker of Genoa                                                                        (world languages)

Rebecca Kory of Sylvania                                                                        (adolescence education)

Ashley Kravetsky of Perrysburg                                                      (biology)

Louis Krolak of Toledo                                                                        (emergency medical management)

Agnieszka Kupiec of Holland                                                            (diagnostic medical sonography)

Tom Leahey of Swanton                                                                        (biomedical electronics)

Bobby Linder Sr. of Petersburg, Mich.                        (advanced integrated systems technology)

Shayna Lindley of Perrysburg                                                      (pre-nursing)

Zachary Lopez of Williston                                            (architectural engineering technology)

Tammie Mallory of Toledo                                                                        (pre-nursing)

Ladreena May of Toledo                           (pre-licensed practical nursing to registered nursing)

James McGaha Jr. of Genoa                                                                        (pre-nursing)

Christina Mock of Northwood                                                      (commercial art technology)

Christina Montez of Toledo                                                                        (social work)

Amy Morford of Toledo                                                                        (pre-culinary arts)

Tracy Mossing of Sylvania                                                                        (pre-nursing)

Charles Pengov of Toledo                                                                        (journalism)

Parth Pitroda of Sylvania                                                (commercial photography technology)

Cyrus Porter of Delta                                                                        (automotive technology)

Hannah Posadny of Maumee                                                                   (multi-age education)

Elizabeth Robertson of Sylvania                                                      (operations management)

Jordan Robertson of Sylvania                               (electrical/electronics engineering technology)

Danielle Schick of Ottawa Lake, Mich.                                                      (biology)

Peggy Shane of Perrysburg                       (pre-licensed practical nursing to registered nursing)

Amanda Sinay of Oregon                                                                        (pre-business administration)

Christopher Skibinski of Toledo                                                      (CAD technology)

Meghan Slates of Sylvania                                                                        (auto body repair)

Jason Sniegowski of Toledo                                                                        (adolescence education)

Shana Sparks of Toledo                                                                        (pre-medical imaging)

Alex Steinline of Perrysburg                                  (associate of science, general concentration)

Kimberly Stevens of Wauseon                                                (health information technology)

Robert St. John of Monclova                                                                        (pre-medical imaging)

Amanda Storm of Metamora                                                                        (pre-nursing)

Michael Suhan of Perrysburg                                                                        (fire science technology)

Thomas Tiggs of Toledo                                                                        (fire science technology)

Andre Tiggs of Toledo                                                                        (fire science technology)

Carri Tuvell of Toledo                                                                        (medical office support)

Danielle Urbaniak of Perrysburg                                                      (pre-pharmacy)

Maggie VanMeter of Clyde                                                                        (pre-medical imaging)

Mark Waggoner of Perrysburg                                                      (English literature)

Brianna Westrick of Toledo                                                   (pre-physical therapist assistant)

Jordan Windnagle of Maumee                                              (associate of arts, general concentration)

Krissada Wongsa of Perrysburg                                                      (automotive technology)

Firas Yassin of Toledo                                                                        (pre-surgical)

Sarah Zimmerman of Toledo                                                 (pre-business administration)

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