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Owens Community College Students Inducted Into Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Owens Community College students were recently recognized for their academic excellence and leadership within the community, earning membership into the Gamma Zeta Chapter of the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society.

The Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society was founded at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 1989 in response to the increasing need to acknowledge the continuing successes of students within the academic institution’s academic development program. Recognizing that students who share similar experiences could serve as models for others, founder Dr. Elbert Saddler proposed a Greek letter honor society. In 2001, Chi Alpha Epsilon received official endorsement from the National Association for Developmental Education. Today, there are over 150 chapters of the national honor society.

The honor society promotes continued high academic standards, fosters communication among its members and encourages community service and participation in academic support programs where individuals may serve as role models to entering students.

“Owens Community College’s Gamma Zeta Chapter of Chi Alpha Epsilon is extremely honored and proud to recognize the academic achievements of students who enter college through non-traditional criteria,” said Sharon Badenhop, Owens Professor of English and Co-Adviser of Chi Alpha Epsilon. “The inductees are outstanding young men and women, many of whom have defied the odds and overcome obstacles in pursuit of a college education. This honor society provides such a means to encourage, motivate and reward individuals for continuing to grow and develop into role models for fellow students.”

Selection criterion for acceptance into the honor society is based upon students achieving a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average for two consecutive full-time semesters or three-four part-time semesters. In addition, individuals must have taken at least one developmental education course at Owens. The College’s chapter was founded in April 2006. The Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society student inductees are:

ShaRhonda Barbour of Toledo                                    (occupational therapy assistant)

Jennifer Basinger of Northwood                                    (pre-business administration)

Loral Browning of Toledo                                                      (financial services sales)

Erica Davenport of Walbridge                                    (licensed practical nursing)

Dawn Davis of Toledo                                                      (business management technology)

Jodi Dlugoleski of Perrysburg                                    (medical assisting)

Sondra Garbers of Delta                                                      (accounting technology)

Kathleen Gerity of Whitehouse                                    (information systems technology)

Alma Gomez of Toledo                                                      (pre-radiologic technology)

Moriah Gromer of Toledo                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Monica Hartman of Toledo                                                       (commercial art technology)

Ashley Hileman of Napoleon                                    (pre-business administration)

Robin Hoffman of Dunbridge                                    (CAD technology)

David Jaime of Holland                                                      (business management technology)

Trista Kitts of Toledo                                                      (diagnostic medical sonography)

Rachel Knott of Maumee                                                      (multi-age education)

Roxanne Lehman of Findlay                                    (accounting technology)

Cori Lucio of Toledo                                                      (business management technology)

Duane Malanchuk of Toledo                                    (e-business technology)

Adam Masters of Perrysburg                                    (massage therapy technology)

Steve Mikoleski of Sylvania                                                      (networking and information systems support)

Marquetta Modisett of Toledo                                    (early childhood education technology)

Kelsy Nagle of Sylvania                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Kimberly Nieset of Fostoria                                                      (medical assisting)

Michelle Pierce of Oregon                                                      (baking and pastry)

Malinda Rosenbrook of Toledo                                    (early childhood education technology)

Lora Routzon of Findlay                                                      (registered nursing)

Nisha Saeed of Toledo                                                      (radiologic technology)

Erin Schatzle of Monroe, Mich.                                    (early childhood education)

Shelly Steinmetz of Wharton                                    (early childhood education technology)

Nikoy Wallace of Northwood                                    (diesel technology)

Alexis Westphal of Maumee                                    (pre-nursing)

Caroline Young of Toledo                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Nuhad Zeitoun of Oregon                                                      (medical assisting)

Heather Zimmerman of Toledo                                    (licensed practical nursing)

Shelbi Beaupre of McClure                                                      (radiologic technology)

Sean Binkley of Toledo                                                      (nuclear medicine)

Debra Bourn of Toledo                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Terry Burkhead of Toledo                                                      (pre-business administration)

Heather Cavallaro of Lambertville, Mich.                  (medical assisting)

Juan Chapa Jr. of Monclova                                                      (diesel technology)

Tirzah Davis of Toledo                                                      (registered nursing)

Steven Dickens of Oregon                                                      (biomedical electronics)

Myron Draime of Northwood                                    (electrical)

Tiffany Finch of Holland                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Dana Frederick of Toledo                                                      (associate of arts general concentration)

Leesa Frost of Woodville                                                      (computer programming technology)

Kathleen Gerity of Whitehouse                                    (information systems technology)

Jo Ellen Gross of Findlay                                                      (medical office support)

Teri Hansen of Toledo                                                      (pre-nursing)

James Howard of Toledo                                                      (business management technology)

Margaret Ingram of Toledo                                                      (registered nursing)

Jerry Isom of Toledo                                                      (commercial art technology)

Karen Jackson of Toledo                                                      (pre-surgical)

Pamela Johnson of Findlay                                                      (office administration technology)

Katlyn Keller of Perrysburg                                                      (occupational therapy assistant)

Katrina King of Cygnet                                                      (business management technology)

Carol Kopp of Maumee                                                      (medical assisting)

Ruth Kuohn of Toledo                                                      (medical office support)

Kevin Leemaster of Fostoria                                    (biomedical electronics)

Sasha Lindhorst of Toledo                                                      (occupational therapy assistant)

Deanna Lopez of Toledo                                                      (office administration technology)

Michelle Lozoya of Curtice                                                      (psychology)

LaRhonda McCoy of Toledo                                    (small business management technology)

Melissa Milazzo of Oregon                                                      (early childhood education technology)

Tabitha Mixon of Toledo                                                      (pre-nursing)

Brittany Morris of Northwood                                    (radiologic technology)

Davina Pettaway of Toledo                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Linda Pina of Arcadia                                                      (office administration technology)

Andrew Pinciotti of Millbury                                    (commercial art technology)

Heidi Pocock of New Riegel                                    (registered nursing)

Mary Puterbaugh of Toledo                                                      (culinary arts)

Perla Ruiz-Santiago of Toledo                                    (early childhood education technology)

Samar Saleh of Toledo                                                      (associate of science general concentration)

Debra Shannak of Perrysburg                                    (office administration technology)

Toni Shultz-Heilman of Vanlue                                    (criminal justice technology)

Kathy Smith of Fostoria                                                      (accounting technology)

Melissa Steinmetz of Republic                                    (pre-pharmacy)

Judy Stewart of Oregon                                                      (occupational therapy assistant)

Kristi Tiell of Toledo                                                      (pre-medical imaging)

April Tiell of Arcadia                                                      (small business management technology)

Arthur Traxler of Toledo                                                      (pre-massage therapy)

Maria Trease of Toledo                                                      (early childhood education)

Robert Vidra of Maumee                                                      (CAD technology)

Adam Vitek of Findlay                                                      (computer programming technology)

Rhonda Wells of Findlay                                                      (licensed practical nursing)

Dawn Williamson of Benton Ridge                                    (accounting technology)

Krissada Wongsa of Perrysburg                                    (automotive technology)

Elizabeth Yeager of Toledo                                                      (culinary arts)


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PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Owens Community College students were recently recognized for their academic excellence and leadership within the community, earning membership into the Gamma Zeta Chapter of the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society. The Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society was founded at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 1989 in response to […]

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