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Owens Student Leaders Inducted Into Spring Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Owens Community College students recently were honored for their excellence in higher education, earning membership into the Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for the Spring Semester. Owens’ chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is one of the largest in Ohio.

Phi Theta Kappa was established in 1918 by the presidents of eight Missouri junior colleges for women. In 1924, the international organization was expanded to include all two-year colleges. To date, more than one million individuals have been inducted into the international honor society.

The overall mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic excellence among two-year college students, provide opportunities for leadership training and an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals. In addition, the society continues to promote among its members the four standard hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

“Owens Community College is proud to recognize these new inductees for their outstanding dedication and commitment to higher education,” said Rick Clever, Owens Technical Director of Fine and Performing Arts and Co-Advisor. “Selection to Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is certainly an honor that can only be achieved as a result of hard work and determination. Each and every student is very deserving and should be commended for their tremendous achievement.”

Selection criterion for students receiving the honor is based upon enrollment in a two-year college, completing a minimum number of course hours set forth by the individual chapter, achieving a minimum 3.5 grade point average and exemplifying academic excellence, as determined by faculty.

The Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society student inductees for the 2012 Spring Semester are:

William Adams of Temperance, Mich.                                    (technical studies)

Mariel Andrews of Bellevue                                                   (pre-physical therapist assistant)

Brian Barry of Toledo                                                             (pre-medical imaging)

Samantha Berryhill of Toledo                                                 (psychology)

Amanda Bigler of Toledo                                                        (communication studies)

William Boyer of Custar                                                         (architectural engineering technology)

Joseph Brower of Temperance, Mich.                                    (automotive service management)

Justin Brownell of Bowling Green                                         (wide-area networking technology)

Nicole Buchanan of Genoa                                                     (dental hygiene)

Christopher Bursten of Toledo                                                (automation electronics)

Tristan Burt of Toledo                                                             (pre-medical imaging)

Jason Carlton of Perrysburg                                                   (networking and information systems support)

Holly Carr of Toledo                                                               (pre-nursing)

Jamie Carroll of Northwood                                                   (pre-health information)

Ryan Carter of Maumee                                                          (black belt technology)

Angela Castillo of Archbold                                                   (pre-nursing)

Megan Cichy of Toledo                                                          (pre-medical imaging)

Kimberly Clark of Toledo                                                       (gender studies)

Emily Cohen of Perrysburg                                                    (early childhood education)

Kristen Colter of Swanton                                                       (pre-nursing)

Adrianna Covarrubias of Toledo                                             (world languages)

Matthew Crawford of Sylvania                                               (history)

Brookelynn Diaz of Findlay                                                    (world languages)

Nicole Drake of Pemberville                                                   (associate of arts general concentration)

Laura Driscoll of Fremont                                                       (pre-nursing)

Brandon Eldridge of Monclova                                               (early childhood education)

Nathan Erich of Bellville                                                         (John Deere technician)

Rebecca Everson of Grand Rapids                                          (pre-occupational therapy)

Kurt Fairchild of Bowling Green                                            (pre-business administration)

Rajesh Felix of Perrysburg                                                     (mathematics)

Sarah Felix of Perrysburg                                                       (mathematics)

Tobias Flemming of Maumee                                                 (journalism)

Audriana Fouts of Arcadia                                                      (journalism)

Calla Fraley of Toledo                                                             (accounting technology)

Kurt Franck III of Perrysburg                                                 (associate of arts general concentration)

Brad Gahler of Toledo                                                            (business management technology)

Keva Gray of Toledo                                                               (business management technology)

Sheila Gray of Millbury                                                          (accounting technology)

Livia Greener of Oak Harbor                                                  (associate of science general concentration)

Chandler Gressman of Perrysburg                                          (pre-nursing)

Taylor Hahn of Oregon                                                           (communication studies)

Casey Haley of Holland                                                          (business management technology)

Kayleigh Harrington of Waterville                                          (communication studies)

Mary Hartwig of Curtice                                                         (pre-cancer information)

Chris Hatfield of Toledo                                                         (associate of arts general concentration)

Steve Hayes of Toledo                                                            (associate of arts general concentration)

Emily Heldt of Toledo                                                             (pre-physical therapist assistant)

Lawrence Heninger of Bowling Green                                   (biomedical electronics)

Julia HennemanDallape of Oregon                                         (pre-nursing)

Molly Hilfinger of Whitehouse                                               (pre-nursing)

Andrew Holliger of Perrysburg                                              (adolescence education)

Bradley Hooser of West Unity                                                (commercial art technology)

Michelle Houck of Toledo                                                      (diagnostic medical sonography)

Melissa Humphress of Findlay                                               (pre-medical imaging)

Hannah Jacobs of Luckey                                                       (social work)

David Jaime of Holland                                                          (business management technology)

Terrina Jaynes of Toledo                                                         (pre-nursing)

Sunzarae Johnson of Toledo                                                   (manufacturing)

Shadia Jomaa of Toledo                                                          (nuclear medicine)

Sean Kaighin of Oregon                                                          (adolescence education)

Adam Kominek of Toledo                                                       (psychology)

Lisa Krider of Lambertville, Mich.                                          (marketing and sales technology)

Margaret Krieger of Perrysburg                                              (multi-age education)

Nikki Laws of Toledo                                                             (pre-dietetic)

Angela Lemble of Toledo                                                        (business management technology)

Shaowen Lo of Perrysburg                                                     (pre-business administration)

Bethany Lollar of Toledo                                                        (associate of arts general concentration)

Lynne Long of Walbridge                                                       (office support)

Walter Longoria Jr. of Toledo                                 (information systems technology)

Maria Luna of Holland                                                            (associate of arts general concentration)

Ana Patricia Marquez of Toledo                                             (pre-professional engineering)

Korissa Maxcy of Toledo                                                        (early childhood education)

Darryl Mays of Oregon                                                          (networking and information systems support)

Melissa Mcgaharan of Toledo                                 (criminal justice technology)

Victoria McGinnis of Perrysburg                                           (pre-licensed practical nursing to registered nursing)

Michelle McHaffie of Maumee                                               (information systems technology)

Ana McKee of Perrysburg                                                      (business management technology)

Brian McKenzie of Bowling Green                                         (computer programming technology)

Joann Meiring of Wauseon                                                     (pre-nursing)

Ryon Michalak of Perrysburg                                                 (chemistry)

Ashlyn Michalak of Walbridge                                               (pre-business administration)

Roberta Montrie of Maumee                                                   (office coordination)

Nicholas Morgan of Holland                                                  (multi-age education)

Levi Murphy of Grand Rapids                                                (pre-business administration)

Dianna Nevius of Gibsonburg                                                (culinary arts)

Penny Niederkohr of Carey                                                    (pre-nursing)

Sarah Nofziger of Swanton                                                     (criminal justice technology)

Zeina Nuhfer of Toledo                                                           (accounting)

Stephanie Nusbaum of Temperance, Mich.                             (biomedical electronics)

Amanda Ollila of Toledo                                                         (medical coding)

Cynthia Ortega of Perrysburg                                                 (pre-nursing)

Tom Otieno of Toledo                                                             (pre-physical therapist assistant)

Sierra Parker of Perrysburg                                                    (world languages)

Sunina Patel of Toledo                                                            (dental hygiene)

Joshua Pettit of Walbridge                                                      (criminal justice technology)

Katherine Philo of Perrysburg                                 (diagnostic medical sonography)

Shelbie Pinkelman of Metamora                                             (auto body technician)

Julie Pitts of Columbus Grove                                                (business management technology)

Kristy Polan of Weston                                                           (pre-licensed practical nursing to registered nursing)

Karen Porter of Findlay                                                           (networking and information systems support)

Maria Ratushinskaya of Bowling Green                                 (CAD technology)

Nathaniel Rusch of Bowling Green                                        (associate of arts general concentration)

Chelsea Sanders of Walbridge                                                (public relations and advertising)

Jeremy Santus of Maumee                                                      (information systems technology)

Danielle Schumann of Toledo                                 (pre-pharmacy)

Richard Scott Jr. of Toledo                                                     (pre-business administration)

Jason Shasteen of Toledo                                                        (business management technology)

Kendra Shellhammer of Rossford                                           (pre-business administration)

Jamille Simon of Perrysburg                                                   (accounting technology)

Nathan Skowronek of Holland                                               (computer science)

David Slaughter II of Lambertville, Mich.                              (international business technical)

Barbara Smith of Toledo                                                         (associate of science general concentration)

Margie Sparks of Maumee                                                      (John Deere technician)

Ciara Stewart of Toledo                                                          (accounting technology)

Robert St. John of Swanton                                                    (computer science)

Deanna Swafford of Toledo                                                    (medical office support)

Angela Todd of Bowling Green                                              (pre-nursing)

Melinda Tulak of Toledo                                                         (medical office support)

Shannon Turner of Toledo                                                      (social work)

Maja Valusek of Toledo                                                          (office administration technology)

Joshua Vasko of Oregon                                                        (business management technology)

Justin Velliquette of Oak Harbor                                            (pre-business administration)

Stephanie Wagner of Fostoria                                                 (pre-nursing)

Dawn Walker of Toledo                                                          (early childhood education)

Melissa Walker of Perrysburg                                                (pre-nursing)

Ashleigh Walsh of Toledo                                                      (business management technology)

Mark Wasserman of Millbury                                                 (John Deere technician)

Angela Webb of Toledo                                                          (pre-nursing)

Jayme Weber of Sylvania                                                        (pre-biotechnology)

Brian Wickensimer of Washington Court House                    (computer science)

Ronald Williams II of Toledo                                                  (multi-age education)

Adam Witteman of Mount Cory                                             (accounting technology)

Christopher Wolfe of Toledo                                                  (associate of science general concentration)

Ebrahim Yasin of Toledo                                                        (marketing and sales technology)

Tonya Young of Elmore                                                         (accounting technology)

Tiffany Young of Toledo                                                        (associate of science general concentration)

Travis Zunk of Martin                                                             (pre-business administration)


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PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Owens Community College students recently were honored for their excellence in higher education, earning membership into the Alpha Omega Pi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for the Spring Semester. Owens’ chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is one of the largest in Ohio. Phi […]

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