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How do I take a screenshot (picture of my computer screen) using Windows Vista or Windows 7?


1. Click the window you would like to capture.

2. Press Alt + Print Screen (Print Scrn) by holding down the Alt key and then pressing the Print Screen key. The Print Screen key is near the upper-right corner of your keyboard. (Depending on the type of keyboard you have, the exact key names on your keyboard may vary slightly.)

Note - You can take a screen shot of your entire desktop rather than just a single window by pressing the Print Screen key without holding down the Alt key.


Alt Key + Print Screen Key



Follow these steps to save the Print Screen image:



1. Click the Start button (located in the lower left corner on your desktop).



2. Click Accessories.



3. Click Paint.



4. In the Paint window, hold down Ctrl then press and release the V key (Ctrl + V). This will paste the screen shot to the Paint window.




5. When the image appears in the Paint window, click File and then click Save As.



6. After you click Save As a dialog box will pop up and ask you to type a filename for the image you are wishing to save along with the file format.