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How can faculty access or print previous course evaluations?

Evaluations are not available to instructors until after grades are posted at the end of the term, regardless what part-of-term the course occurs in. You can access course evaluations (course evals) from previous semesters (and print them) by following these instructions.

Previous course evals can be viewed from this page: https://ozone.owens.edu/course_evals/results.php

To see evals from previous terms, simply change the Term value at the top of the page and click update.
This will change the evaluations displayed to match the term selected.

You can filter for Subject, Course, and/or CRN by entering values at the top of the list and updating.

Once the list is updated, click the View button next to the evaluation to see the results for that evaluation.


The results can be printed directly from the browser. Click File, select Print and follow the prompts to print.