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How do I download my grades so I can submit them to my Department Chairperson?

You can download and save your classes' grades in the Grade Center as an Excel (.XLS) file for use in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Downloading grade data does not remove any information from the Grade Center. The Total and Weighted Total columns are included in the download file.

TIP: Downloading grade data in each of your courses or organizations is a good practice to do at the end of every term. This gives you easy future retrieval of grades in case your campus policy is to reset (and therefore remove) student information in online courses at term conclusion.


1.  In the Control Panel, click Full Grade Center.


2.  Click Work Offline.

3.  Select Download.

4.  Select Full Grade Center.

5.  Select Delimiter Type: Tab and Include Hidden Informaton: No.

6. Select the location for the download by clicking Browse to select the folder on your computer.

Note:  Most files downloaded to My Computer will default to the Desktop.

7. Click Browse to select the folder.

8. Click Submit.



9. Click the Download.


10. Select Save File and then click OK.


Note:  The best course of action is to open the downloaded grade file in a spreadsheet application, such as Excel.