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How do I find the system information (specifications) for my Otech computer?

Otech computer systems typically have a 40 GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM. Due to the variety of equipment that is donated to the Otech program, it is possible that your specific system will exceed these specifications. You can use the program ‘Sysinfo’ (Applications Menu > System > Sysinfo) to see information such as your processor speed, total memory and memory usage.

If you choose to add additional software to your computer, you could encounter problems if the software requires more resources than those present. Software will include documentation that includes the minimum specifications, so you can use this information to determine whether or not a new program will run successfully on your machine. The Task Manager, also in the System menu, is a good program to be aware of, too. It will show the percentages of CPU and Memory usage. If your system seems unresponsive, high percentages may indicate that you are running too many programs at once or have downloaded a program that is not well suited for the computer.