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I have my Otech computer set-up and turned on. What now?

After successfully logging in, the Xubuntu desktop will load. Initially you will see a panel at the bottom and icons on the screen, similar to a desktop that you would see using a Windows operating system. The bottom left icon launches the Applications Menu, similar to the Windows icon, and the lower right includes features such as networking information, volume control, and a clock.

After a few seconds, your computer will automatically launch Mozilla Firefox, the homepage for which has been set to a local web page that has been designed to help you in navigating and exploring this operating system. If you are a first time user, it is highly recommended that you go through this brief tutorial first to familiarize yourself with the Xubuntu environment. After viewing the tutorial, or if you opt to skip it, you may navigate to a website by entering the URL as you would normally in any browser.