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document What is the Express Card and how do I add money to the card to pay for additional pages?
... can be placed on the card online through Ozone, at various ... Campus. More information about the Express Card is available at the ... Owens Express Card page on our website. ...
15 Sep, 2017
document Do I need to get an Owens Express student identification card?
... useful to have an Owens Express card if you will be ...
15 Sep, 2017
document What happens if I am attempting to print and go over my quota?
... to deposit funds to your Express Card to print in a ... at www.owens.edu. 2) Find the Express Card section in the middle ... to add funds to your card click the link "click here." ...
17 Aug, 2017
document Why are the prices in the Grill so expensive?
... load money onto your Owens Express Card (Owens ID) and pay ... in the Grill with the Express Card, you will save 10% ...
25 Feb, 2016
document How do I add money to my Express Card or view the balance?
... can put money on your Express Card on the web by ...
14 Sep, 2016
document How will I be charged for over quota printing?
... must have money in your Express Card account to print. ...
17 Aug, 2017
document Like Falcon Express, is there anything in the works for other institutions in the area?
... On March 16, 2017, Rocket Express will be launched which will ...
02 Mar, 2017
document I am having problems connecting to the Owens wireless network. Are there settings I can check on my computer that may help me to resolve this issue?
... instead. 2. Is your wireless card turned on? The on and ... switch for a wireless network card can be located in different ... be lit when the wireless card is turned on. Some computers ...
25 Aug, 2014
document What should I bring the day of my CLEP test?
... picture ID Credit or debit card for payment of the $25.00 ...
27 Aug, 2018
document Where do I apply online?
... express ...
17 Jun, 2014

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