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document What can I do to prepare for my meeting with my academic advisor?
Run a Degree Evaluation by accessing the link in your OZONE account. A Degree Evaluation is an unofficial snapshot of your program's requirements compared to the courses you have successfully completed. Other ways to prepare for your meeting with your academic advisor include creating an academic...
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document How do I apply for financial aid, and what is the Owens school code to use on the FAFSA?
If you are interested in obtaining Financial Aid to help pay for school, the first step is to visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). To apply for financial aid for Summer 2016, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters, complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA using...
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document J. I have an accepted seat for my health program, but I am unable to start my program due to unforeseen circumstances. What should I do?
You will want to contact the Selective Health Coordinator to discuss your options. Call (567) 661-2387 to schedule an appointment. In some cases, not starting on your scheduled program start date would mean giving up your seat and going through the program evaluation in the future when you are...
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document I. How are points calculated for the health evaluations? How can I improve my points?
Criteria for point calculations vary for the different program evaluations. You can find the information on how points are calculated under "Program Information" on the program page in the online college catalog. Points calculations are available for both high school and college applicants. You...
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document H. I requested a health evaluation and was denied. Why was I denied and what do I do now?
Our health programs are competitive. Call 567-661-2387 (Toledo Campus) or 567-429-3509 (Findlay Campus) to set up an appointment with a health advisor to discuss your particular situation. You will have the opportunity to create a plan to increase your chances for acceptance in the future or...
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document G. I took chemistry and algebra fifteen years ago. Do they still count for my complete file?
Yes, they count for the complete file.
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document E. I took the ACT test fifteen years ago; does it still count as part of my complete file?
Yes. The ACT score for selective admissions evaluation does not have an expiration date. You may retake the ACT, but be aware that the most recent score will be used in the health evaluation. It can take up to 8 weeks for ACT scores to arrive at Owens and be posted to your student record.
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document B. What is a complete file for selective health programs?
Each selective health program has admission requirements for entry into their program. The requirements are listed on the Selective Programs Evaluation Deadlines sheet along with the deadline dates. This sheet can be accessed from the Owens website: Current students > Advising > Selective...
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document Is there a child care center at Owens?
Yes, there is a child care center located on both the Findlay and Toledo-area campuses. The center on the Toledo-area Campus is operated by the YMCA of Greater Toledo. The center on the Finday-area Campus is operated by Owens. For more information, please visit https://www.owens.edu/childcare/.
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document What types of crisis and/or mental health services are available at Owens?
Consultation, mental health assessment, counseling, crisis intervention/support, educational outreach, and prevention services are available through the Office of Student Mental Health Services. For more information, please visit https://www.owens.edu/smhs/.
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document How do I apply for graduation, and when should I apply? How will I know if I am approved to graduate?
Graduation application dates are posted on the Records website; deadlines and fees apply. You must register for your final semester of classes before submitting the Graduation Petition via Ozone. It is also suggested that you run a Degree Evaluation via Ozone to ensure you have met all program...
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document How do I find out about transferring courses into Owens from other colleges or universities?
To determine the transferability of previous college coursework, you must submit an official college transcript to Owens from all previous colleges attended. The Records Office will then evaluate the transcript and any credit awarded can be viewed in Ozone under the View Transcript link. You can...
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document I am interested in a Concentration. What is it?
Concentrations here at Owens are designed for a student to complete the first 60-65 credits of the approximately 120 credits required for a bachelor's degree. While at Owens, it is important that you research what college and degree you plan to transfer into. You should meet with your Owens...
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document How do I view the class schedule?
You can view the class schedule two ways. You can go into your Ozone account and click on Add/Drop Classes, or you can go on the Owens home page at www.owens.edu and click on the Class Schedule link on the left side of the page.
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document How do I change or declare my major?
You are able to change your major using the Change Program of Study link in your Ozone account between semesters and until the 14th day of the semester. After the 14th day of the semester, you must meet with an advisor and complete a form in order to change your major, and the change will go into...
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document What are the deadlines for adding and/or dropping classes and obtaining a refund?
You can view deadlines for adding and/or dropping classes by visiting the Owens home page at www.owens.edu. Click on Class Schedule, and using your course CRN (course registration number), look for your specific class. You will be able to view add and drop deadlines as well as all refund deadlines...
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document While working with my advisor, what are my responsibilities as a student?
Below are some of your responsibilities as a student when working with an advisor: -Complete all necessary assessments such as ACCUPLACER, ACT, and career assessments. -Schedule and keep advising appointments each semester. -Be prepared for advising sessions by researching degree requirements,...
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document How do I contact my advisor?
Academic advisors are available by phone, through email, via online chat, and in person by appointment. It is important to include your OCID number when emailing your advisor and to have your OCID number available when you are calling the Advising Office. To schedule an appointment, please call the...
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document Do I have to see an advisor to register for classes?
Certain populations of students including many new students, college credit plus students, international, and student athletes as well as students on academic probation are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration. All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor, especially those...
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document Do I need to take the placement test?
If you have not taken the ACT test within the last two years, you will be required to take the ACCUPLACER placement test. If your ACT scores do not place you at college level, you may also want to take ACCUPLACER. The placement scores will determine which reading, writing and math courses you will...
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document I have applied to Owens. What are my next steps to enrolling?
As a new student, you should submit your official high school and/or GED transcript to Owens along with all official college transcripts. If you are a degree or certificate-seeking student with less than 9 credit hours of transferable college course work, then you must also sign up online and...
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document Do I need to submit an ACT or SAT score as part of the application process?
Owens does not require SAT or ACT test scores except for certain selective admission programs. However, if you have taken the ACT and the scores are within the last two years, you may submit them to the college where they can be used for placement into reading, writing, and math classes. If you do...
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document How do I know if I am considered an independent student for financial aid purposes?
In order to be considered as an independent student for purposes of financial aid, you must be able to answer yes to at least one of the following questions (for the 2016-2017 aid year): 1. Were you born before January 1, 1993? 2. As of today, are you married? (Also answer "Yes" if you are...
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document When can I expect my refund? Who should I contact if I have not yet received my refund?
Financial Aid refund information: Students who meet all eligibility requirements, including attendance, and who have financial aid remaining after tuition, fees, and book voucher purchases are paid, will receive a refund. Students whose aid is not ready for the first disbursement will receive...
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document What is a financial aid book voucher, how do I check if I have one, and how do I use it?
Financial aid recipients who are expected to have funds remaining after tuition costs are covered can use the excess to purchase or rent books and to purchase supplies from the Owens Bookstore using a book voucher. For more information, click here.
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