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document Why are all teachers not flexible?
It is important to understand that every instructor is different with homework, assignment and attendance policies and they have the freedom to operate their classrooms how they see best. However, the College is currently working on a attendance policy that will give instructors a baseline of...
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document What can I do if I lost my job or have other special circumstances that make the information on the FAFSA not reflective of my current financial situation?
The Office of Financial Aid can take into account certain special circumstances, which may affect your aid eligibility. These may include: Loss of untaxed income (such as Social Security benefits, child support, or Workers Compensation); Loss of one-time income received in the prior year (must...
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document What is the Financial Aid Freeze Date and why is it important?
Owens Community College uses a "freeze" date each semester to determine a student's enrollment status for awarding financial aid. The courses for which the student is registered on the freeze date will determine financial aid eligibility as long as the completed results from the student's Free...
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document What do I do if I am dropped from my classes for non-payment?
The Spring 2019 semester drop for non-payment date is February 5, 2019. If a student does not pay their semester bill in its entirety, they may be dropped from the current semester classes. If this happens, there is a $150 non-refundable fee to cover the administrative costs of readmission. The...
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document How do I get started at Owens Community College?
The first steps are to complete the online application found at www.owens.edu. If you are interested in obtaining Financial Aid to help pay for school, visit https://fafsa.gov to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). To apply for financial aid for the Spring 2019 semester,...
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document What kind of support does the Owens IT Help Desk offer?
Purpose and Responsibilities of the IT Help Desk The purpose of the IT Help Desk is to provide technology support for students, staff and faculty at Owens Community College. The IT Help Desk assists students, staff and faculty with accessing Ozone, Blackboard, email, and the Common Computer...
05 Nov, 2018 Views: 2558
document What are the deadlines for dropping classes and obtaining a refund?
Visit the Owens homepage at www.owens.edu. Click on Class Schedule, and using your course CRN (course registration number) look for your specific class. You will be able to view add and drop deadlines, as well as all refund deadlines for your specific course. If you drop all classes for a semester,...
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document What is the Deferred Payment Plan, and how can I set it up?
You can set up a Deferred Payment Plan through your Ozone account to create 4 installment payments for your spring or fall bill, and 3 installment payments for your summer bill. Fall 2018 DPP due dates are August 20, September 20, October 20, November 20, 2018. Spring 2019 DPP due dates are...
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document How much is my bill? When is it due? How can I pay?
January 7, 2019 is the due date for Spring 2019 balances. Owens Community College does NOT send paper bills. From your Ozone account, check your 'Financial Info' tab to view your semester balance. By the semester due date students must be paid in full, have a Deferred Payment Plan in place and...
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document What happens if I fail a class?
If you fail a CCP Option B course, the high school may require that you pay back the cost of that course to them. The failure will likely also affect your high school GPA and could impact graduation from high school. In addition, failed college courses can negatively impact future financial aid...
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document What are the consequences of failing a college course?
Failure of a course could prevent your high school graduation. Your high school will provide you with counsel on this matter. The failure also becomes a permanent part of your college record, which could impact future financial aid eligibility. The cost paid for you by the state may also be...
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document What are the consequences of withdrawing from a college course?
Withdrawing from a college course after the course has begun may affect completion of graduation requirements and should be discussed with your high school counselor and parents or guardian. The cost paid for you by the state may also be recovered by the school or school board from you, your...
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document Does Owens offer an orientation program for new CCP students?
Yes. CCP orientation programs are offered on both campuses in the fall for new students. During orientation, CCP students and parents learn about policies/procedures, resources on campus, and college expectations. New CCP students sign up for orientation during their initial advising appointment....
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document The state What are the admission requirements for the Owens CCP program?
For the 2018-19 academic year, the state implemented new eligibility requirements for the CCP program including requiring students to be remediation-free in at least one area of an allowable test. For more information about this, please visit...
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document I am interested in the CCP program. How do I begin the process?
Your first step should be to contact your high school guidance counselor to discuss the program. Most high schools host mandatory informational meetings between October and February to share details about the program with students and parents. There is also an intent to participate form that is...
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document What courses should I take?
You should plan your course work carefully with your high school counselor. As a CCP student, you can pursue coursework that will fulfill high school graduation requirements and/or electives that will enrich your educational experience and/or satisfy a special interest. In addition, you may want...
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document Are the courses taken at Owens transferable?
Owens is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and is part of the University System of Ohio. Many Owens courses will transfer to other colleges and universities via state-wide transfer rules and/or individual articulation agreements with other...
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document Is there a difference between the courses held on the Owens Campus and Owens courses taught at the high school?
Besides the location, classes held at the high school may differ from those held at Owens in terms of calendar/schedule. To view the Owens academic calendar, please visit https://www.owens.edu/academics/academic-calendar.html.
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document Do I have to pay for my college textbooks?
If you are participating in CCP option B, you do not need to pay for your textbooks. Your high school will cover the cost of your books. You should follow up with your high school counselor to find out the process for obtaining and returning your CCP books each semester. Students pursuing Option A...
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document How do I make an appointment with a CCP advisor?
To make an appointment with one of the CCP advisors, please call 567-661-2387 (Findlay Campus) or 567-661-7777 (Toledo Campus). You may also contact the CCP advisors with questions about the application and/or registration process.
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document Can CCP students at Owens register for classes on their own online?
CCP students at Owens must work with their academic advisor to register for classes. This is to ensure that all necessary documentation and test scores have been submitted. To schedule a meeting with your advisor, please call 567-661-7777 (Toledo Campus) or 567-661-2387 (Findlay Campus).
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document I. How are points calculated for the health evaluations? How can I improve my points?
Criteria for point calculations vary for the different program evaluations. You can find the information on how points are calculated under "Program Information" on the program page in the online college catalog. Points calculations are available for both high school and college applicants. You...
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document H. I requested a health evaluation and was denied. Why was I denied and what do I do now?
Our health programs are competitive. Call 567-661-2387 to set up an appointment with a health advisor to discuss your particular situation. You will have the opportunity to create a plan to increase your chances for acceptance in the future or discuss pursuing a different program. If you decide to...
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document How do I contact my advisor?
Academic advisors are available by phone, through email, and in person by appointment. It is important to include your OCID number when emailing your advisor and to have your OCID number available when you are calling the Advising Office. To schedule an appointment, please call the Advising Office...
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document What kind of follow-up occurs with students who have had an early alert submitted?
Advisors will receive a daily email report of students on their caseload who have had alerts submitted within the past 24 hours. They will contact students for whom you requested advising intervention on the early alert submission page.
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