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document I have multiple email accounts at Owens Community College. Can you tell me what each is used for?
If you are a faculty/staff member your email account will be: firstname_lastname@owens.edu. This account can be accessed using the desktop Outlook email client or Office 365 Web Access from the Ozone portal (internet). If you are an alumni or student as well, your email address would be:...
17 Aug, 2017 Views: 1129
document What kind of support does the Owens IT Help Desk offer?
Purpose and Responsibilities of the IT Help Desk The purpose of the IT Help Desk is to provide technology support for students, staff and faculty at Owens Community College. The IT Help Desk assists students, staff and faculty with accessing Ozone, Blackboard, email, and the Common Computer...
17 Aug, 2017 Views: 2057
document What happens if I am attempting to print and go over my quota?
After you have printed 100 copies during the current semester, you will need to deposit funds to your Express Card to print in a computer lab. There are three ways to do this: ADD FUNDS ON OZONE 1) Log on to your Ozone account at www.owens.edu. 2) Find the Express Card section in the middle of...
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document Who has the ability to print in classrooms and labs using the Pharos system?
1. Currently enrolled students 2. Actively teaching faculty and tutors 3. Active Alumni Association members* 4. Students enrolled in a University partnership programs through Owens** *An Alumni who pays dues is considered an active Alumni Association member therefore granted a Pharos...
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document Will I get "credit" or a refund for printer misfeeds, low toner or other printing mishaps?
If there is a paper jam or low toner, notify the lab assistant while it is happening. The lab assistant will be able to assist you by re-printing for you without it affecting your 100 allotment. Re-prints can only be done within a thirty minute timeframe, it is important that you notify the lab...
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document How will I be charged for over quota printing?
Once you exceed the free 100-page ($4) allotment, you must have money in your Express Card account to print.
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document How many pages can I print per semester?
When classes are in session, enrolled students will be given an allowance of 100 black and white sheets each semester. This is the equivalent of $4 of printing. Once you have exceeded this allotment, you will be charged for each additional page printed at four cents per page. In addition, faculty...
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document How does the print process work?
Every time you print from a public computer lab, you will be identified by either your login information or your OCID number. When you login on an OCC computer and print, the pages will automatically be counted toward your 100-page allotment. At the beginning of each semester, your allotment...
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document How much will I be charged for printing?
You will not be charged for printing unless you exceed the 100-page allotment. Once you have exceeded this allotment, you will be charged four cents per page for each additional page printed.
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document Why does Owens limit the amount of pages students and faculty can print/copy?
In an effort to be good stewards of resources, Owens has implemented a semester printing quota for all students beginning Spring Semester 2011. The College has a strong commitment to sustainable and green practices across campus. For more information, please view the Why Print Solutions?...
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document Switchboard Hours
Fall weekly Hours thru August 25, 2017 Monday thru Thursday 8:00am - 7:00pm; Friday 8:00am - 5pm; Saturday & Sunday Closed Regular hours for the rest of the semester thru December 7 Monday 8:00 am - 7:00pm; Tuesday thru Thursday 8:00am - 6:30pm; Friday 8:00am - 5pm Open the...
14 Aug, 2017 Views: 588
document Degree Works FAQ's
About Degree Works What is DegreeWorks? DegreeWorks is a Web-based tool for students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks allows students and their advisors to plan future academic coursework. What is an audit? A DegreeWorks audit is a review of...
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document Where do I take the proficiency exam?
Proficiency exams are administered at the Toledo or Findlay Testing Centers. Please call Testing Services at (567) 661-7378 to schedule your proficiency exam and location. Toledo Testing Services College Hall, Room 157 30335 Oregon Rd., Perrysburg, OH, 43551 Findlay Campus Education...
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document Who can take a proficiency exam?
Any student who has not already attempted the exam. Any student who has completed all steps through admissions and is eligible for registration. Any student who meets the course pre-requisites for the proficiency selected
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document What if I have not earned my high school diploma or GED?
If you have not earned a high school diploma or GED you are still able to take the placement test, but you must be aware of how this impacts financial aid eligibility. Effective July 1, 2012, all students must have earned their high school diploma or GED in order to qualify for federal financial...
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document Should I study for the ACCUPLACER test and complete an online review?
Testing Services strongly encourages all students to study for ACCUPLACER. You can prepare for ACCUPLACER by taking advantage of the study tools and resources offered on the ACCUPLACER website (links listed below). Use these tools to become familiar with the types and format of ACCUPLACER test...
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document Can I take the placement test again if I am unhappy with my results?
Students who wish to retest for placement must follow the retesting procedure outlined below. Testing Services strongly encourages all students planning to retest any part of the ACCUPLACER Placement Test to study. Students are permitted two placement test attempts within a 365 day time period. ...
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document How do I reset my password?
If you have forgotten or lost your password, please visit the Reset Password link. If you need to change your password and you know your existing password, please visit the Change Password link or the password portlet in Ozone. *The Reset password link can also be found at...
12 May, 2017 Views: 5636
document How do I get started at Owens Community College?
The first steps are to complete the online application found at www.owens.edu and if you are interested in obtaining Financial Aid to help pay for school, visit https://fafsa.gov to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). To apply for financial aid for Summer 2017, Fall 2017...
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document What can I do if I lost my job or have other special circumstances that make the information on the FAFSA not reflective of my current financial situation?
The Office of Financial Aid can take into account certain special circumstances, which may affect your aid eligibility. These may include: Loss of untaxed income (such as Social Security benefits, child support, or Workers Compensation); Loss of one-time income received in the prior year (must...
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document How do I download and install free software from Microsoft Imagine's website?
Microsoft Imagine is an online store that provides access to a number of software packages through our paid membership in the program. Please Note: To adhere to Microsoft Imagine licensing, changes concerning the MS Imagine accounts have occurred. *Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for...
24 Mar, 2017 Views: 22572
document I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I contact?
If your question is related to Blackboard, Ozone, the Wireless Network, Email, Onbase, Print Solutions, Surveyor, Administrative Systems, Academic Systems, Kaspersky Security Software, Microsoft Home Use Program, Microsoft Imagine or IT Helpdesk, please visit our Contact Us webpage. If your...
24 Mar, 2017 Views: 1593
document What is Microsoft Imagine and am I eligible to use it?
Please Note: To adhere to Microsoft Imagine licensing, changes concerning the MS Imagine accounts have occurred. Microsoft Imagine is a perk that is available to current employees and students each semester who are enrolled in qualifying programs. Effective September 7, 2016, the DreamSpark...
24 Mar, 2017 Views: 5216
document Microsoft Imagine - Working with ISO files.
*Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for personally owned devices or software. Download software at your own risk. For safe computing, always download software from reputable sites. Helpful information on working with ISO files can be found on the MS Imagine Store Help page. ...
24 Mar, 2017 Views: 2843
document How do I recover my product key from MSDNAA/DreamSpark purchases prior to Summer 2013 semester?
Owens current DreamSpark store was created during the Summer 2013 semester. The previous DreamSpark store license has expired and is no longer available to Owens. If you have lost a keycode from the previous store (purchases prior to the Summer 2013 semester) search your emails for the receipt....
24 Mar, 2017 Views: 9068