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document Who controls the content on the MTV U TVs?
Owens does not operate the MTVU channels and these TVs do not come with an ability to skip songs or with a remote.
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document Why does Owens not have some sports teams?
If sports were to be added to the Owens lineup, other sports could be considered but at this time, the College is not adding any additional sports teams.
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document Why is the guest pass for the gym $5?
The primary purpose of the gym in the SHAC is to serve our current students but the small fee for guests is to assist in keeping up equipment.
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document Why does the cafeteria not offer a salad bar or other salad options?
The cafeteria in College Hall used to have a salad bar but it was determined that the salad bar generated too much waste. Patrons would leave made salads when the salad was weighed for cost, and produce on the salad bar would not be used since there was not enough traffic. If there is a Grab and...
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document Why does the campus not have more recycling bins?
The campus currently has various types of recycling bins on campus. You may see small bins in offices, at desks or in the hallways or you may see 3 unit pieces that allow you to sort your recycled goods. We will be evaluating the usage of the bins to determine if more may be needed in certain...
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document Why has College Hall smelled like skunk recently?
It was recently discovered that there was an open area that allowed the skunks to get inside of the building. Since this time, a one way door was installed on the space so the animals could leave but not enter and we are working with a company to repair this open area after the one way door is...
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document Why is our Library not open 24 hours?
Our Library hours are based upon our usage trends. Since we are not a residential campus, we do not have the need to be open extended hours. While the other area college and university libraries also have limited hours, you may use the libraries at UT and BGSU. In order to borrow books you just...
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document Why is enrollment decreasing at Owens?
There are many factors that have played into our current enrollment at Owens. First, there are less high school students graduating or earning their GED to attend College. Second, unemployment is down which means people are working and not attending school. Third, financial aid has tightened up...
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document Why are all teachers not flexible us?
It is important to understand that every instructor is different with homework, assignment and attendance policies and they have the freedom to operate their classrooms how they see best. However, the College is currently working on a attendance policy that will give instructors a baseline of...
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document Why are the computers that have been updated slower and I am having issues using certain software?
While the computers have been updated, there will not be noticeable difference in the speed although the performance has increased. The College has recently been given authorization to purchase 166 new computers for labs this year and 300-400 for next academic year! Be on the lookout for new...
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document Why am I having difficulties staying connected to WiFi?
We are not aware of any current problems within any of the buildings on campus with WiFi. Please keep in mind that WiFi connections are inside buildings only and when you travel between buildings, you may loose service and need to reconnect. If you have issues inside buildings, please contact the...
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document Why can I no longer access programs needed for course assignments since IT has done updates?
At this time, this type of issue has not been reported to the IT Help Desk. If you are having tech troubles, please contact the IT Help Desk: Email: Helpdesk@owens.edu Call: (567) 661-7120 Visit: College Hall 213
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document When will my computer be eligible for the Active Directory upgrade?
Active Directory Upgrade Timeline ITS would like to share the timelines for the Active Directory (AD) upgrade that will be happening to all administrative workstations. The most recent announcement referencing the AD upgrade was sent on February 3rd. Again, we need to visit each desktop/laptop to...
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document Where are my Shared Folders/Network Drives located on my new Active Directory System?
Accessing your Network Drives: 1. Open Windows Explorer. Right-click on the Start button and then left-click on Open Windows Explorer. Or Click on the manila folder icon in your task bar. 2. Click on Computer. 3. To access your shared network folders, double-click on Division...
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document Can I take summer classes under the CCP program?
Yes. Beginning in summer 2016, CCP students are able to enroll in classes during the summer as part of the overall number of eligible CCP hours for the academic year. Credits earned in the summer will be applied to the following fall semester at high school.
rating 29 Feb, 2016 Views: 345
document Can the Advising and Oserve Offices communicate with students more?
Currently the Advising and Oserve Offices communicate with students through their Owens email account. Both offices send out emails on an as needed basis so students are aware of upcoming deadlines. Additionally many academic offices meet once per month to ensure consistent and thorough...
rating 26 Feb, 2016 Views: 54
document How can I submit a concern form to Student Government?
If you have something you would like to share about your experience at Owens, a concern, or share a suggestion there are multiple avenues for you to share your feedback. You can submit a concern form online at https://www.owens.edu/student_gov/concern.html You can get a blank concern form and...
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document What are the student fees that were added in the fall 2015?
Prior to the fall 2015, student fees had not increase since the 1990's. In the fall 2015 the College reviewed the fee scale for general and non-general fees to reflect higher costs of services since the fees had last been addressed. A breakdown of the current fees can be found at the following...
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document How are instructors trained on fire, tornado and other emergency situations?
The College offers various training sessions to the employees including during new employee orientation and various information training sessions as needed on various topics. The College also has a Owens Safety Initiative Blackboard site available to all employees upon request that has information...
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document Why are there not events and fun activities for students?
Owens currently offers a variety of social and educational events for students. On average you can easily find at least one activity or event happening on campus each day. Currently the College is working in creating one comprehensive calendar for campus that will list all events, activities,...
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document Why does Owens not offer self-defense classes?
Owens does not currently offer any for credit self-defense courses. However, we do have a Martial Arts Student Organization, we occasionally offer self-defense one-time events and Workforce and Community Services will sometimes offer non-credit courses depending on demand. For more...
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document Why did I not get an appointment with an Academic Advisor when I transferred to Owens?
Students who are attending Owens as a "visiting student" do not require a mandatory appointment with your advisor. If you are transferring to Owens, much of the paperwork needed is electronic and this paperwork is needed before a transfer advisor can assist you with your classes or academic plan. ...
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document What if I am having issues with my instructor?
If you are having issues with your instructor, it is strongly encouraged that you respectfully talk to your instructor about your concerns. If after talking with your instructor you are still not satisfied or your concerns have not improved, then you should talk to the Chair of the Academic School...
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document Why do some of the computers on campus have limited access?
All computers in common areas do have limited access. The computers in the Student Lounge in College Hall 148 have the "Cyber Cafe" setting. This means that since there is not a log-in required to use these computers, these are not meant for academic work but are meant for limited browsing. Any...
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document Where can I charge my phone, laptop, or tablet?
Many of our common spaces and classrooms offer open outlets for charging and you may also visit a campus computer lab to charge electronic devices with a USB cord.
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