What is DreamSpark and am I eligible to use it?

Please Note: To adhere to Microsoft DreamSpark licensing, changes concerning the DreamSpark accounts have occurred.

Microsoft DreamSpark is a perk that is available to current employees and students each semester who are enrolled in qualifying programs.

Dreamspark accounts currently expire at the end of each semester, and are created after the second week of class has completed each semester.

Faculty and students currently enrolled in or teaching an IST or EET course will have DreamSpark Premium access.

All other students/employees currently enrolled in qualifying courses other than IST and EET will have DreamSpark Standard access. (Qualifying classes: ACC, BUS, MTH, CAD, CIV, MET, QCT, PHY, CAM, CHM, BIO, AIM, SKT, AUT, CAT, DSL, OAD)

DreamSpark is not available to Alumni.

To access the Owens DreamSpark store visit owenscollege.onthehub.com.

Chart of DreamSpark software Standard vs. Premium

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