Can multiple proxies use the same email address?

No. However, if parents share an email address and a student wishes to grant proxy access to both using that address, the student can do so. If this is how the student wishes to set it up, we ask that when completing the first name field, the student enters both first names (example: Mary and David). In the relationship description field, enter "parents" or "mom and dad" so that it is clear to any administrator reviewing the permissions that this email address is for multiple persons.

The lock is displayed until the student clicks on the Proxy's name and selects a relationship.

The functionality on the Authorization web page, where you select the items that you want your proxy to see, saves your selection immediately upon each click. There is no Save button. To view activity, a student should select the History tab to see the most recent actions including authorizations made.

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Last updated: 07 Jul, 2014
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