How do I set up a new user on my Otech system?

When first setting up your new computer, we recommend that you change the password, and if you like, the username for the Otech user. This will secure and personalize your account, while maintaining the customization we have created to give the Xubuntu operating system a more familiar feel.

To edit the username or password:

1.  Click on the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

2.  Navigate to System, then Users and Groups.

A window will appear like the one shown below.

3.  Click on Change next to the username or password, whichever you would like to change. This will launch a dialog box through which you make the change.

4.  To change your password, first enter the default password (password), and then enter your new desired password in the next two text boxes.

5.  Click OK to set this as the new password.

***You may also add a new user by clicking the Add button (green plus sign). If you do create a new user, the layout, bookmarks, and shortcuts that have been set up for you will not be visible. Therefore, this is only recommended if you feel comfortable making adjustments to the layout or working in the environment that has less of a Windows-like appearance.

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Last updated: 18 Dec, 2012
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