What do I need to know before setting up my Otech computer?

When setting up your computer, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you have available space with adequate electrical outlets. You will need at least two outlets, one for the computer and one for the monitor, plus outlets for any additional devices you will be adding, such as a printer or speakers. A surge protector is always recommended. In order to set up your computer, you will need to make the necessary connections. This image shows the ports you will need to make the connections to get started. The specific location of a connector may vary on your machine, but the same basic connections are needed to get started.



The provided power cable will run from here to your surge protector or wall outlet.



For connecting to a modem or router.



Many peripherals that you may use connect with USB. The most common that you might want to add would be a printer (you will need to find the appropriate driver). Some mice and/or keyboards also use USB.



This will connect the computer to the monitor, using the D-shaped blue VGA cable.



These ports are used to connect mice and keyboards. The green port is for the mouse, and purple is for the keyboard.



These are for audio input and output. The green jack is for speakers, while the blue would be for audio input devices, such as a microphone.

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