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news How do I view my Grades through Blackboard?
07 Nov, 2014
We've received many reports that students are no longer able to view their grades through the notifications in the upper right-hand corner of Blackboard. If you can't use this feature to view your grades, you can view your grades through your class. Please visit the FAQ below for instructions: ...
news NCSAM: Cybercrime Facts
03 Oct, 2014
Securing the Internet is our shared responsibility, and one way we can spread awareness is to talk to our kids about online safety. Check out OnGuardOnline.gov for conversation starters: http://go.usa.gov/pjTj. For additional information about NCSAM, visit http://ncsam.info/13o8jKO. 1 in 5...
news October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)
01 Oct, 2014
The Internet has created endless possibilities. Our access to information and our ability to communicate are limitless. We shop and bank online from home and on the go using PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, with constant accessibility comes increased risks. Online security and...
news Blackboard Announcement for Owens Instructors
01 Oct, 2014
Dear Owens Instructor On Friday, October 17, 2014 we are going to remove all Blackboard shells from Summer 2013 and Fall 2013. If you have any content or grade records from those 2013 courses, please consider exporting a copy of the course and grade center prior to October 10th. Here are two...
news Blackboard Grades: Access through notifications isn't working.
08 Sep, 2014
Students may be having trouble accessing their grades through Blackboard's notification system (on the main page) - we are aware of this issue and it is currently being worked on. In the meantime, students can access their grades by going into their individual classes and clicking on the 'My...
news My Ozone Login button isn't working!
06 Aug, 2014
Check out the new FAQ: When I try to login to Ozone, the login button doesn't do anything! What can I do to make the login button work?
news Testing Center Hours
31 Jul, 2014
At this time all COMPASS tests are administered during walk-in hours. There is no need for a student to set up an appointment. Below are the current walk-in times for COMPASS testing at our Toledo and Findlay campuses, along with the Learning Center Downtown Toledo. Fall Hours Toledo Monday -...
news I am being asked to order Toner/Office Supplies by someone outside of Owens. Is this a fraud?
30 Jul, 2014
If someone calls asking if you are the person responsible for ordering office supplies or toner, ask them to give you their company name and contact information. Do not give out any information about yourself or Owens. Hang up with the caller and immediately call the IT Help Desk. We will let you...
news ITS Cybersecurity Update: Cryptolocker and Cryptowall Viruses
12 Jun, 2014
ITS Cybersecurity Update: Dear Owens community, Recently a new type of virus, known as "Cryptolocker" and "Cryptowall", has been infecting Owens workstations. Its goal is to encrypt all files on both the local workstation and any user-accessible network drives. The objectives of the virus are...
news Why are my old classes or classes that I am not currently enrolled in showing up in Blackboard?
03 Jun, 2014
Occasionally an instructor may need to make a previous course available causing it to be displayed in your course menu. Use the following steps to hide old courses in the course content module. Click the Manage My Courses Module Settings icon that appears when you move your pointer over the...

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