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news What type of events does Owens provide audiovisual support for?
22 Nov, 2013
Owens Community College provides audiovisual support for most events held on campus, both internal and external. Internal events are events held by faculty, staff, or student organizations for the benefit of Owens Community College. External events are events held by outside organizations or...
news IDM Changes: Prior Students' Access to Ozone
20 Nov, 2013
Information Technology Services (ITS) would like to announce changes to our Identity Management System (IDM) that could impact your area. First, any student attending the College since 1979 will be able to use the Ozone portal. In the past, once a student left the College they lost access to...
news Where can I go to get more information on a program or degree offered at Owens?
20 Nov, 2013
For a listing of available degrees and programs, visit the Academic section or the Class Catalog section of the Owens website. To find out when classes are available, visit the Class Schedule. For more information about a particular program or degree, contact Enrollment Services.
news What do I do when I have no sound in my classroom?
18 Nov, 2013
Since each audiovisual system was installed at different times, technology in each room may vary. Please examine the equipment in the room. CHECK THE COMPUTER VOLUME Computer volume can be controlled by clicking the speaker icon located in lower right of your screen in the Windows Taskbar. CHECK...
news How can I prevent email-based Malware and viruses attacks?
17 Nov, 2013
Owens IT has multiple systems in place to mitigate the risk of infection from Malware and virus threats; however, information security awareness will further reduce the risk of data loss and infection due to such email attacks. This guide contains tips on what to look for and examples of recent...
news Why doesn't the Login button work? I enter my username and password to log in to Ozone and click the Login button, but nothing happens.
15 Nov, 2013
We have received many calls concerning the Login button on the Ozone Login page not working in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome. We have found one thing in common on the computers with this issue. Malware! One way to test your PC to see if malware is causing links not...
news How do I request audiovisual service or equipment for events?
14 Nov, 2013
Owens Community College offers staff, faculty, and external clients a wide variety of equipment and services to fit your audiovisual needs for your events. To reserve audiovisual equipment for your event, please follow these steps: Please ensure you have already reserved the space at Owens...
news How do I use the audiovisual equipment in classrooms?
12 Nov, 2013
Most of the classrooms on campus are equipped with a data projector, computer, and DVD/VCR for presentation of audiovisual materials. Some rooms are equipped with document cameras for projecting documents and other visual aids. To use this equipment, please take the following steps: ...
news Malware/Virus Warning from the Owens GroupWise Email Administrator
31 Oct, 2013
Owens Faculty/Staff, A recent surge in malware threats has occurred at Owens as well as some other area colleges. As you're likely aware from past messages from ITS, there are many forms of email threats. The most prevalent is still the embedded link. But, in the last two weeks, ITS has become...
news Owens Halloween Alternative
25 Oct, 2013
Owens will be hosting the annual Halloween Alternative in the SHAC starting at 6:30 PM Tonight!

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