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news GroupWise + Internet Explorer Compatibility View Issue
10 Oct, 2012
Recent upgrades have caused the GroupWise web access client to look different in some Internet Explorer versions. These versions are attempting to run GroupWise in Compatibility View and this is causing the web client to look distorted. Please visit When I sign on to GroupWise through the web...
news Why am I no longer able to delete all of messages in my GroupWise trashbin?
10 Oct, 2012
We are currently upgrading the email archives. When this upgrade is complete (estimated 10/24/12) you will once again be able to empty your trash. If your mailbox is 90% full or above, please contact the Help Desk and we will put a ticket in to have our email administrator increase your...
news 2013 Spring Schedule
01 Oct, 2012
The spring 2013 schedule is now available to the public for viewing! Registration for spring semester 2013 begins October 15. The registration dates for spring 2013 are: October 15 – 55+ earned hours October 16 – 35+ earned hours October 17 – 1+ earned hours ...
news Google Omail+ Account Features
26 Sep, 2012
Google Omail+ features that were previously unavailable have now been activated. Some of the features include: Latitude Maps Reader Blogger Google+ Voice Talk iGoogle Books And many more! We don’t anticipate any complications with these changes, but if you...
news What is the IT System Status page?
19 Sep, 2012
Information Technology Services has created a new communication tool we would like to share with everyone. Despite our best efforts, the College still experiences network, server, and system outages from time to time. In the past, we've received criticism for our lack of communication in these...