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Internet Explorer Update: Update is delivered - Users will need to reboot

09 May, 2014

Cyber Security Alert - IE Vulnerability Update

IE Vulnerability Update:

The fallout from the recent Internet Explorer vulnerability announcement produced software updates from both Adobe and Microsoft that need to be installed across campus. ITS created software bundle updates for both vendors which are in the process of being delivered remotely to our networked computers.

The Adobe update has been successfully delivered to all administrative systems on campus and no further action is required. The Microsoft update is in the process of being delivered and once it is complete the user will be asked to reboot their computer when convenient.

The user will not be prompted or forced to reboot their computer but we would strongly recommend that you do it by the end of the day when you receive the message. Once the computer has been rebooted it will be safe to use IE externally.

For more information on the IE security vulnerability, go to https://www.owens.edu/faq.

Thank you.