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Cyber Security Alert - IE Vulnerability ITS Update

29 Apr, 2014

Microsoft recently disclosed a major vulnerability with all versions of their Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. Industry experts are recommending that users avoid using IE until a fix can be implemented.

The College does however have internal applications that require the use of Internet Explorer so we want to let users know that it is safe to browse to these internal sites with IE.

Banner, OnBase, Blackboard, and Ozone are examples of applications that are internal to Owens and therefore approved for use with IE. If you need to know if a site or application is internal to Owens, please contact the ITS Help Desk (x7120).

ITS agrees with the security recommendation and asks that users refrain from using Internet Explorer to browse to any external/public websites until a patch is released by Microsoft and installed by ITS.

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser to use for outbound Internet browsing at this time. Google Chrome is another good choice if it is available on your desktop.

Additionally, if you receive a prompt to install an ActiveX control in your IE browser please call the ITS Help Desk (x7120) immediately.