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NOTICE - New Phishing email + attachment!

23 Apr, 2014

Owens Faculty/Staff,

The most recent threat (sent this morning) seems to be in the form of a compressed (.zip) file attachment “FAX964807.zip”, or something similar.  The message was sent to APPEAR as if it originated as an authentic Owens email, and you may have been BCC'd: in this message.  The sender's address "From" is: FAX@owens.edu .  

Opening the attached zipped files can potentially be extremely damaging.  Local files on the PC and even shared network drives can become damaged and no longer accessible for all users of the shared resource.  One specific virus that's been identified recently falls into the category of "ransomware".  When the file attachment is opened, it will encrypt files on the local PC as well as any attached network drives.  It will then pop-up a message on the PC with a ransom demand for a code to decrypt the files in the next 72 hours. Failure to pay the ransom will render the files permanently useless.

When you check messages in your personal quarantine (MailStore - in Ozone), please be very suspect of any message captured in this quarantine.  Messages in MailStore are rated with a SPAM score from 1 - 10, with 10 being the highest threat.  Any message with an attachment that is released from MailStore should have the attachment scanned before opening.  If you are not expecting a message from a sender, or the senders address appears a bit odd or unrecognizable, please contact the Helpdesk at x7120 before opening any attachments or clicking on the email link.  It would be a good practice to contact the sender and verify that they sent you the message in question if you’re not completely sure about its origin or validity. 

A copy of the malicious email text is shown at the end of this message.


Dean Niederkohr

GroupWise Email Administrator