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NOTICE: Phishing Alert

09 Apr, 2014

If at anytime you are unsure of the validity of an email do not open it, and contact the IT Help Desk as a precaution!

Over the past several months you have received multiple communications from IT, as well as via Onews, that are related to electronic phishing attempts. Recently, these attacks have again increased in frequency. The most prevalent is still the embedded link. These attachments can be executable files (.zip,.exe, .com or .scr) masquerading as simple PDF files.

The most recent threat seems to be in the form of a compressed (.zip) file attachment “Invoice001_02.zip”, or something similar.  The message was sent to an authentic Owens employees email address, and you were likely BCC'd: in the message.  The sender's address "From" is: Bankline.Administrator@rbs.co.uk .  Be aware that the subject of the message, senders address or .zip file attachment names can vary as well.   

For related information on how to prevent email-based attacks and examples of phishing attempt emails please visit the link below:


Please also take the time to familiarize yourself with suggested security practices that are standard recommendation when working with electronic media, which is available via the Owens FAQ:

For additional information on Mailstore M+Guardian please view the user guide via the Owens Intranet:

Also, IT encourages you to store your college-related files on network storage ex. E: drive or a divisional drive.  Network storage is backed up regularly and can be restored in the event your system becomes infected with a virus or compromised.  Files stored locally on your C: drive are not recoverable.

If you have opened a suspicious email immediately contact the IT Help Desk (567) 661-7120.