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news When can I register for Summer and Fall 2015?
13 Mar, 2015
Summer and Fall 2015 Registration Dates Monday, March 16, 2015 – Veterans and spouse/children of Veterans. These students must turn in the appropriate paperwork to the Veterans Office to gain this registration status. Verification only has to be done once, not every semester. Tuesday, March...
news Instructors: Blackboard Add a Test Issue
25 Feb, 2015
We are currently experiencing an anomoly where the option to add a Test [in Blackboard] is not in its normal location. To add a test at this time, enter a content area, move your mouse over the Tools menu in the center and you will see the Test link. The Test option should be located under the...
news How do I install Office 365 on my personal computer? (Mac & PC)
13 Jan, 2015
Go to https://www2.owens.edu/faq/entry/716/ for instructions.
news I installed Office 365 and now it is asking for subscription information. What should I do?
12 Jan, 2015
1. Type in your Owens universal username and add "@owens.edu" to the end. Ex. firstname_lastname@owens.edu NOT firstname_lastname@student.owens.edu 2. Enter your universal password. Tip: Your universal username and password are what you use to log into Ozone.
news How long am I eligible to use Office 365?
10 Jan, 2015
*Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for personally owned devices or software. Download software at your own risk. For safe computing, always download software from reputable sites. You can use the plan until you graduate or are no longer enrolled/employed at Owens. Eligibility may be...
news Get Microsoft Office for free!
09 Jan, 2015
Get Microsoft Office for free! Owens Community College is proud to announce the availability of Microsoft Office ProPlus software at no additional cost to our students, faculty and staff. You can install the full Microsoft ProPlus...
news How do I make Blackboard classes available for my students prior to the class start date?
07 Jan, 2015
An instructor can open their course to students prior to the class start date (part of term start date) each semester, if they choose. To do this, go to Control Panel > Customization > Properties > select YES to Make Course Available and SUBMIT. ***Be sure to click SUBMIT. If the...
news How do I view my Grades through Blackboard?
07 Nov, 2014
We've received many reports that students are no longer able to view their grades through the notifications in the upper right-hand corner of Blackboard. If you can't use this feature to view your grades, you can view your grades through your class. Please visit the FAQ below for instructions: ...
news NCSAM: Cybercrime Facts
03 Oct, 2014
Securing the Internet is our shared responsibility, and one way we can spread awareness is to talk to our kids about online safety. Check out OnGuardOnline.gov for conversation starters: http://go.usa.gov/pjTj. For additional information about NCSAM, visit http://ncsam.info/13o8jKO. 1 in 5...
news October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)
01 Oct, 2014
The Internet has created endless possibilities. Our access to information and our ability to communicate are limitless. We shop and bank online from home and on the go using PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, with constant accessibility comes increased risks. Online security and...

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