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news When can I register for Summer and Fall 2015?
13 Mar, 2015
Summer and Fall 2015 Registration Dates Monday, March 16, 2015 – Veterans and spouse/children of Veterans. These students must turn in the appropriate paperwork to the Veterans Office to gain this registration status. Verification only has to be done once, not every semester. Tuesday, March...
news Instructors: Blackboard Add a Test Issue
25 Feb, 2015
We are currently experiencing an anomoly where the option to add a Test [in Blackboard] is not in its normal location. To add a test at this time, enter a content area, move your mouse over the Tools menu in the center and you will see the Test link. The Test option should be located under the...
news How do I install Office 365 on my personal computer? (Mac & PC)
13 Jan, 2015
Go to https://www2.owens.edu/faq/entry/716/ for instructions.
news I installed Office 365 and now it is asking for subscription information. What should I do?
12 Jan, 2015
1. Type in your Owens universal username and add "@owens.edu" to the end. Ex. firstname_lastname@owens.edu NOT firstname_lastname@student.owens.edu 2. Enter your universal password. Tip: Your universal username and password are what you use to log into Ozone.
news How long am I eligible to use Office 365?
10 Jan, 2015
*Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for personally owned devices or software. Download software at your own risk. For safe computing, always download software from reputable sites. You can use the plan until you graduate or are no longer enrolled/employed at Owens. Eligibility may be...

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Recent Articles
document I am a Veteran (or dependent of a Veteran). What offices should I contact for support on campus?
Owens has an Office of Veterans Services whose aim is to facilitate your success by providing support, resources and information that meet your...
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document I work at Owens Community College and I would like to take classes using the Tuition Waiver. What do I do?
Review current Board of Trustee Policy regarding Tuition Waivers: https://www.owens.edu/trustees/procedures/proc3358-11-5-35.pdf Determine...
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document I was contacted by EdFinancial. Who are they?
Owens Community College is partnering with a company called EdFinancial to counsel students who borrowed federal student loans while enrolled at...
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document Is child care available at Owens Community College?
Yes! The YMCA Child Development Center at Owens C.C. cares for children 6 weeks- 12 years of age. Openings currently exist for all age groups and...
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document What is Oserve? How can I get in touch with Oserve?
Oserve is the customer service office for Financial Aid, Records and Student Accounts. If you have questions about a hold on your account, a...
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document How do I take a screenshot (picture of my computer screen) using Windows Vista or Windows 7?
1. Click the window you would like to capture. 2. Press Alt + Print Screen (Print Scrn) by holding down the Alt key and then pressing the Print...
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document How do I switch displays from the monitor to projector? (Or Computer Only, Projector and Monitor, Two Monitors)
1. While holding down the Windows key, press and release the P key. 2. Click on the Display option you would like to use. (Chose...
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document How do I take a screenshot (picture of my computer screen) using Windows XP?
1. Click on the window you would like to capture. 2. Press Ctrl + Print Screen (Print Scrn) by holding down the Ctrl key and then pressing the...
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document What is a 1098-T, who gets it and why does the college ask for my Social Security Number?
Why does the College ask for my Social Security Number? With respects to admission, registration and financial aid, Owens Community College...
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document Can I modify the wording of the automated email notification that students receive?
No. That functionality does not exist within the system. However, you can add personal remarks in the comment box on the referral form. These...
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