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09 Apr, 2014
If at anytime you are unsure of the validity of an email do not open it, and contact the IT Help Desk as a precaution! Over the past several months you have received multiple communications from IT, as well as via Onews, that are related to electronic phishing attempts. Recently, these...
08 Apr, 2014
Owens Faculty/Staff members, Another recent surge in malware threats has occurred at Owens.  Hopefully you are aware from past ITS messages that there are many forms of email threats.  The most prevalent is still the embedded link.  In the last two weeks, ITS...
03 Apr, 2014
On Sunday, April 6, 2014, starting at 6 a.m. ET, there will be up to 6 hours of downtime on the student banking site, mobile features, file transfers and HigherOneSupport.com. Card purchases and ATM transactions will be unaffected.
02 Apr, 2014
You may have received an email this morning from fax@owens.edu with a .zip file attachment.  Do Not open this file!  The sender of this email message is: fax@eroticwebshots.com .  The attachment is likely a virus.  Please contact the IT Help Desk if...
31 Mar, 2014
Owens Faculty/Staff members, An email was sent this weekend to a large number of Owens employees.  This was a "phishing" email attempt that's made to appear to come from Owens ITS.  Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x7120 if your replied to this email to have your password...

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