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Where should I go to have my Unemployment Verification form completed, confirming I have been attending all scheduled classes and that I am making satisfactory progress?

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Last updated: 03 Jul, 2018
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Students in need of a letter of support to verify information requested on an Unemployment Verification form, should follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Using your Omail account (Owens student email), send a message to each course instructor at their Owens email address, requesting that they confirm your attendance at all scheduled courses and that you are making satisfactory progress in the class. It is encouraged to include in your email that the request is required for the state unemployment verification process.
  2. Once you have documentation from all course instructors contact Oserve and provide the instructor documentation along with your request for the letter.  This can be done by meeting with an Oserve Advocate, or via email to oserve@owens.edu  If sending an email, please make the subject line ‘Unemployment Verification request’.
  3. An Oserve Advocate will review the documentation and request for assistance. If all documentation is submitted, a letter will be provided to the student. 
  4. This letter will then serve as the School Representative signature for the Unemployment Verification form.
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