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How do I Web Register through Ozone if I don't know the CRN for the class I need?

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Last updated: 18 Jun, 2014
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1.  Log into your Ozone account.

2.  Click Web Registration.

3.  Select the Term and click Submit.

4.  Click Class Search.

5.  Scroll up until you can see the Location drop-down menu.  Select the Location of the class you would like to register for.

6.  Select the correct Semester and fill in the information that best describes the class you are registering for.

7.  Click Search.

**If you need more options, such as certain days or times, click Advanced Search***

8.  Find the class you are looking for in the Class Schedule and click the box located next to the CRN.

9.  Click Add to Worksheet.

10.  The CRN will now appear on your Add Classes Worksheet.

11.  Click Submit Changes to add this class to your Current Schedule.

12.  This class is now listed in your Current Schedule.

13.  Click on the link to view your Complete Schedule.

14.  Print your Student Detail Schedule for your records.  

15.  If you need to register for another term, click on the Select Term link at the bottom of the page.

You can find more information about registration by visit the Office of the Registrar's webpage.

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