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How do I set up the web version of Onbase on my computer?

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Last updated: 12 Sep, 2017
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1. Open Internet Explorer (Use only Internet Explorer).

2. Click on the Tools menu.

Screen shot: Tools menu circled in red

3.  Select Internet Options from the drop-down menu.

Screen shot:  Internet Options circled in red


4. Click on the Security tab.  

   Screen shot:  Security tab circled in red

5.  Click the green checkmark that says Trusted sites.

Screen shot:  Trusted Sites circled in red

  6.  Click the Sites button.

Screen shot:  Sites button circled in red

7. In the Add this website to the zone box, type in https://obw.owens.edu.

8.  Click the Add button.

Screen shot: Add button is circled in red

9. The website you typed in will now show up in the bottom part of the window under Websites. 

10.  Click the Close button.

Screen shot:  Close button is circled in red

11. You will now be presented with this window where you will make sure that the green check mark for Trusted sites is still highlighted and then click the Custom Level button.

    Screen shot:  Custom level... button is circled in red

12. In this box, scroll down part way until you see an option that says Download signed ActiveX controls.  You will want to change this setting to Enabled.

    Screen shot:  Download signed ActivX controls is marked Enable; circled in red

  13.  Click the OK button at the bottom.

Screen shot:  Ok button is circled in red

14. Once you do that, you will receive a Warning! window asking "Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?" where you will need to click the Yes button.

    Screen shot:  Yes button circled in red

15. You will then be back to this window where you can click the OK button.

   Screen shot:  OK button circled in red

16. Close all Internet Explorer windows.

17. Open the icon on your desktop for Onbase that looks like a scanner.  You should now be able to log in using your existing Onbase login.

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