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How can I get OnBase installed on an Owens owned computer?

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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2015
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Contact your supervisor to complete the System Access Form for OnBase access.

Supervisors need to fill out an OnBase access request form on the Intranet.

1. Type http://intranet.owens.edu in your browser's address bar.

2. Click Information Technology Services then click on the Systems tab.

3. Click ITS System Access Form (Network, Onbase).

4. Click Access Request.

5. Provide the Employees SSN or OCID.

6. Click Yes and provide your OCID to begin the request process.

7. Select the Department Name: from the drop-down menu.

8. If this person replacing someone else click Yes. If not, click No.

9. Select OnBase (imaging system)

10. Select Web Access or Scanning based on your requirements.

11. Click Submit Access Change to submit your request for processing.  

12. You will be presented with the "System Access Request, Continued." screen where you will need to select the type of Onbase Access desired. Select either Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid, Human Resources, or Student, then Click Submit Access Change.

13. You will receive a "Your request is complete" pop-up. To enter another request, click CONTINUE>> or close your browser to exit the system.

14. After the Access Request is submitted you will receive Access Request Sent and Access Request Accepted emails to confirm your access request.

15. A final email will be sent detailing the approval process. In the first line it will specify the type of access, the Employee name, and a determination of the request. The next two lines specify the requested areas for Onbase, whether it was approved or not, and includes the Approver's name along with a Reason. Lastly, you can contact the approver with any questions or an IT specialist for further information.    

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