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What is the relationship between the high school Carnegie unit and a college credit hour?

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Last updated: 07 Jul, 2014
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One high school Carnegie unit is equivalent to 5 semester hours in college. This means that if there were 7 periods in your high school day (excluding the standard lunch period) and you were going to take all your classes at the college, you would be eligible to take 35 semester hours for the year (7 x 5). If you were taking 3 Carnegie units at your high school, this would make you eligible to take 20 semester hours for the year (4 x 5).

It also means that in order to complete a Carnegie unit of a subject you may have to take two classes to complete the 5 credit hours needed. For example, to receive credit for a Carnegie unit of American History, you would need to take HIS-201 and HIS-202 which are 3 semester hours each.

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