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I am getting a pre/co-requisite & test score error when registering for a course, but I have already completed the pre/co-requisite. How can I fix this?

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Last updated: 16 Feb, 2017
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Please refer to the course description for specific pre/co-requisite information. If your official documents (transcripts, test scores, high school transcript, etc.) have already been received and evaluated, courses may not have transferred in as the direct equivalent of the required pre/co-requisite. You can review official transfer credit information in your Ozone account under the View Transcript link on the Academic Info tab.

If we have not yet received your official documents, please fill out the Visiting Student Request Form so your request to take a course without the pre/co-requisite on file can be reviewed.

In some cases, transfer credits may not satisfy pre/co-requisite requirements for courses you plan to take at Owens. If this is the case, you have the option to take the ACCUPLACER placement test to evaluate your skills for appropriate course placement in math, reading, and writing. Visit the Testing Services website for more information.

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