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Traveling outside the US with your Owens sponsored smartphone or cellular enabled iPad.

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Last updated: 14 May, 2014
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When you are planning to travel outside the US with an Owens sponsored device, please contact Dean Niederkohr (dean_niederkohr@owens.edu) at least 7 days before you leave.  Your phone will need to be changed from the current calling plan to a "Global" calling plan for the duration of your trip.  After returning, the phone will then be switched back to the original Verizon calling plan.
You can find out more information regarding international travel with your Verizon devices at the following link:
- Select the country you plan on traveling to and click the <Go> button.
- After selecting the country, you will see wireless coverage maps at your destination.
You can also use the Verizon Wireless Trip Planner to select your travel destination and mobile device to verify it can be used in that country.  Go to this link to access the Trip Planner:
In the "My Trip Info" results page, you'll find information tabs that show the following:
- Voice / Data / Text rates
- The data network:  CDMA\GSM  and which of these technologies your phone uses to communicate.
- Dialing instructions when at your destination (using either CDMA\GSM device)
- Coverage maps
Global Phones:  At this time, the following phones are "Global Ready" according to Verizon:
- iPhone4s
- iPhone5
- iPhone5s
- Droid Razr
- Droid Razr Maxx
- Droid Bionic
- Droid 3
- Droid 4
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy Note2
- Samsung Galaxy Note3
Non-Global Phones:  The following phones are not  "Global Ready" according to Verizon, and cellular phone service may still be available outside of the US (using CDMA voice/data): If you use you these non-Global phones, you will be "Global Roaming" on the data plan any time the phone is on (unless it's in "Airplane Mode").  Unlike the previously listed global device, these cannot be placed on a global data plan for international trips which would substantially reduce your data costs when traveling.
- iPhone4
Personal Travel:
When traveling on personal business (vacation, etc.), outside the US, employees will be responsible for costs incurred above and beyond normal monthly charges.  Verizon's Global calling plan is $20.00 above the cost of the "normal" Owens calling plan.  This $20.00 cost is pro-rated over the month.  So, an international trip would typically be a portion of the full $20.00 charge (in addition to the per minute or per text charges which will vary based on your destination).
Owens Business Travel:
When traveling on Owens related business, there are no additional costs.
Global Roaming:  Global roaming will be covered under the data plan when you travel using a global phone and have activated a "Global" calling plan.  If you are traveling and enter a country outside the US (or sometimes are traveling very close to another countries borders, such as Canada), you may possibly connect to a non-US cell tower.  This will cause your mobile device to temporarily go into "Global Roaming" mode where the charges could add up very quickly.  When traveling (outside the US) and not on a Global calling plan, turn your device off, or only turn it on for brief periods of communication.  You could also switch your phone to "Airplane Mode", which will disable your data communications (Verizon network, WiFi, and Bluetooth) while still leaving the device on.  While in Airplane Mode, you could still utilize a WiFi network connection to communicate using any free WiFi hotspots in the country by going into your phones settings and "manually" enabling your WiFi service only.
Airplane Mode:  To put your mobile device into "Airplane Mode", follow these instructions:
     iPhones:  Tap on the "Settings" icon on your device, and then the first line at the top of the screen should be Airplane Mode.  Just place you finger on the button and slide it to the right to enable this mode.  To re-enable phone/data, repeat this process and slide the mode button to the off position.  iPad users will not have this setting unless your using a cellular (3G/4G) version of the iPad.  Standard WiFi only iPads will not have this option.
     Droids:  Go into "Settings"/ Wireless & networks / and then tap on the checkbox to activate Airplane Mode on the device. Depending on your device, you might see an icon of an airplane on the top menu bar of the display.  To re-enable phone/data, repeat this process to uncheck the button.
Global Uses Warnings:  If you traveling abroad and did not switch to a Global calling plan before departing, your phone will receive text messages that state how much your roaming overage charges are.  You should receive one message for every $50.00 increment. 
International Services Terms and Conditions (From Verizon Wireless website)

Wireless Service While Traveling Outside the United States:   

Before you travel, we recommend using our Trip Planner on verizonwireless.com/global (“plan a trip”) to see what services will be available during your travels, as well as the rates and coverage area for these services, based on your device, as well as where you can expect to have coverage and the rates for services in each and destinations.  We recommend you visit this site before each of your trips as the coverage areas and rates for services are subject to change without notice.  When you connect to a foreign carrier’s network, we may send you text messages to let you know the dialing pattern for the country you’re in and the rates you will pay to use services there. Some Services, such as domestic data applications, voice mail or call waiting, may not be available or work as expected while you are traveling.

Please also note, 3G CDMA  devices will have voice and data service when roaming in some destinations.  Please be sure to turn data off in your settings menu if you do not plan on using data while roaming.

Setting up Your Account for International Services:  To use most services while you are traveling, or to place international long distance calls from the United States, your account needs to be set up for these international services.

SIM Cards:  You are responsible for any use of your SIM Card and must safeguard the security codes associated with it.  Upon termination of your Verizon Wireless service, please destroy your SIM Card.

Charges When You Are Traveling:   Information about how we charge for each of our international services is listed below.  We offer plans and packages for many of these services that may provide you with better rates or allowances of minutes or data to use will traveling internationally.  If you don’t have a plan or package that includes a global allowance, your usage will be charged on a pay as you go basis. We may send you text alerts when your global usage reaches certain dollar or usage thresholds and we may limit your service if your charges become excessive.  These are courtesy alerts and we can’t guarantee you will receive them or that we will limit what you are billed.  If you are traveling near a country border, you may connect to a cell site located in a neighboring country and be billed at that country’s rates.

Calling or messaging International destinations while you are in the United States

International Long Distance: While in the U.S., you can always receive calls from international phone numbers, however your account needs to be set up before you can call international numbers.  Please see the international long distance section on verizonwireless.com/global for details, pricing, and other plan details related to calling international locations from the U.S.  Please note, additional surcharges apply when calling certain countries.

International Text, Picture and Video Messaging: You can send Text/Picture/Video messages to international numbers, but you should check if the service is available with the foreign carrier of the person to whom you are trying to send a message.  More information on texting can be found in the Call and Text from the U.S. section at verizonwireless.com/global.

Global Services when you are traveling outside the United States

Voice Calls:  Your domestic voice minutes don’t apply while you are traveling internationally, unless you subscribe to a plan that includes coverage in Canada or Mexico.  When you make calls while traveling outside the United States, you will be charged on a per minute basis and we encourage you to visit vzw.com/tripplanner before you travel to learn the rates in the countries you’ll be visiting.

Data Usage: Your domestic data allowance does not apply while you are traveling outside of the United States. If you are planning to use data services while traveling outside the United States, we strongly recommend that you add a Global Data package to your account to avoid Pay as you Go charges.  If you add a Global Data package to your account, you must keep it for a minimum of one billing cycle.  If you are not planning to use data services while you are traveling, you may want to turn them off before you travel outside the United States as many devices and applications transmit and receive data without user intervention and can generate unexpected charges.  On most devices you will still be able to make or receive calls, or send or receive messages, even with the data services turned off.  You may also avoid data charges by using Wi-Fi service, where available, while you are traveling internationally.

Global Messaging: Your domestic messaging allowances will not apply when you travel outside the United States.  Before you travel, we encourage you to visit vzw.com/tripplanner for current messaging rates in the destinations you’ll be traveling to.  When you send or receive video and picture messages, you will also be charged for the global data usage associated with sending or receiving the message.  This usage will be charged at the applicable Global Pay As You Go rate unless you subscribe to a Global Data package.

Cruise Ship Roaming:  If you are taking a trip on a Cruise Ship, you may be able to make and receive calls, send and receive text/picture or video messages or use data services on select cruise lines.  See http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/tripplanner/tripplannercontroller for more information about the rates for these services and which Cruise Ship lines participate. These rates apply only in international waters on the cruise ship.  When you are in port or in an area served by a foreign wireless carrier, you will are billed at the applicable roaming rates for that country.

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