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Are there GroupWise WebAccess features that won't work on my mobile device (SmartPhone, Tablet)?

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2014
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Please note:  Some GroupWise features are not currently available on all mobile devices.  

Features that may not be available on mobile devices:

  • Address Book - System and personal address books may not be available. Users can, however, use their frequent contacts address book to send items. Users can add addresses to their frequent contacts using the GroupWise Windows client or GroupWise WebAccess in a desktop browser.
  • Appointments - Users may not be able to schedule recurring appointments or reschedule appointments.
  • Attachments - Users may not be able to attach files to items that they send. They should be able to read attachments they receive.
  • Busy Search - Users may not be able to perform a Busy Search. In some instances, when sending appointments, users may not receive notifications if there is a conflicting appointment on their Calendar or a recipient’s Calendar.
  • Calendars - Users may not be able to create personal calendars, share personal calendars, or publish personal calendars to the Internet. Users may not be able to create new items and post them to personal or shared calendars.
  • Documents - Document Management may not be available.
  • Folders - Users may not be able to create or manage personal folders or shared folders.
  • Mailbox Password - Users may not be able to set or change their Mailbox password.  

**NOTE: If you need to change your password, you must use the Owens Ozone portal.

  • ProxyUsers may not be able to proxy another user.
  • Rules - Users may not be able to create, modify, or delete rules. Existing rules that were created using the GroupWise Windows client or GroupWise WebAccess in a desktop browser are still enforced.
  • Signature - Users may not be able to add a signature to items they send from their tablet.


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