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Suggestions for Formatting FAQ Articles (keeping articles uniform)

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Last updated: 16 Jan, 2014
Revision: 2
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  • FAQs are in Font: Arial; Size :14.
  • Bold font is used instead of quotes for most cases.

Ex.  1.  Click Admin Services.

Not: 1. Click “Admin Services”.

  • Instructions are clear and concise.
  • Screenshots use Red circles or squares.
  • Shapes used in screenshots should fit what is being illustrated.
  • No personal information.
  • FAQs that are words being defined should be added as a Glossary terms AND articles (articles are searchable).
  • Information in FAQs should be organized into folders.
  • FAQ folders should have a logical organizational structure. (IE relevance or alphabetical)
  • Article Titles (when possible) should be in Question form.
  • Enter the title of the article in the Meta Keywords / Tags to make it easer to find the article. Add other words or phrases you think users might search when looking for a topic.
  • Google Drive does not work well in Internet Explorer.
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