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Why am I receiving the error "you are not eligible to download" software packages from Microsoft Imagine?

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2017
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Please Note: To adhere to Microsoft Imagine licensing, changes concerning the MS Imagine accounts have occurred.

MS Imagine Premium software is only offered to currently enrolled IST and EET students/faculty each semester.

MS Imagine Standard software is available to all other students currently enrolled in qualifying courses other than IST will have DreamSpark Standard access. (Qualifying classes: ACC, BUS, MTH, CAD, CIV, MET, QCT, PHY, CAM, CHM, BIO, AIM, SKT, AUT, CAT, DSL, OAD) each semester.

If you receive the error that you are not eligible to download a specific software package, you are likely trying to download software that is only accessible to Premium accounts. A chart of software that is available can be found here: https://www2.owens.edu/faq/entry/71/

To view software that is available to you:

If you are not in an IST or EET class, click on the Microsoft Imagine Standard link.

If you are in an IST or EET class, click on Microsoft Imagine Premium.

Additional information can be found on the FAQ site:  https://www2.owens.edu/faq/22/

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