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I am a student at Owens. How do I install Kaspersky Anti-Virus on my personal computer?

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Last updated: 16 Jun, 2014
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*Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for personally owned devices or software. Download software at your own risk. For safe computing, always download software from reputable sites.

Installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus:  Students

(Please Note: There is no version currently available for Windows 8)

Before you begin, here is a list of software that is not compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus (which includes most security software and previous versions of Kaspersky security software):

List of Applications Incompatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus.


If you have any of these installed, please uninstall them.  If you are having problems uninstalling your previous security software, please visit:  

Tools for Removing Security Software.


If you are having problems uninstalling previous versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, please try Kaspersky Pure.


Installation time:  Approximately 20 minutes*

*This is not including the recommended scan, which will vary in time depending on your computer.


Attention:  This software is for personal use by Owens Community College students only!


1.  Log into your Owens portal, click on the Download your free copy of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012! link.

2.  An installation box will appear telling you to save any data and exit all running applications.  Click Begin Installation.




3. The installation process will begin and a new box will appear on the screen.  This part of the installation should take approximately 5-8 minutes.

4. A green check mark should appear to the left of “Extracting archive to temporary folder”.  And the symbol next to Installation: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 (3yr-Academic License) should turn from a yellow circle to a green triangle.  This part in the installation process should take and additional 5-8 minutes to complete.  Note:  You will see boxes appear and disappear on your screen.  This is a normal part of the installation process.  


5.  Next a box will appear asking you if you would like to restart your computer.  Click the Restart box and your computer will restart to complete the installation.


6.  Once your computer has been restarted, a box will appear saying that the installation is complete.  Click Close to end the installation process.


7.  Locate the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Right click on the icon and highlight "Kaspersky Anti-Virus" then click on it to load the program.


8.  If Kaspersky states that your computer is at risk, click "Fix!".


9.  The majority of the time your computer is at risk because the database needs updated.  Click in the "Update Databases" box to begin the updating process.


10.  Click on the "Update Running(%)" link to view your progress.  Updating will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

This link will bring you to this screen:

11. If your updates have completed without any errors, you should see this message:


12.  The threat to your computer has now been eliminated, click next to view any additional threats Kaspersky Anti-Virus has found.


13. If there are no additional threats, you should see a message that says "All threats processed".


14.  Once everything is resolved, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus screen should look like:


15.  It is recommended that you run a full scan of your system after a new installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus.  (This step is optional and can take a large amount of time depending on your computer.)  Click "Full Scan"  and then "Start Scan".



16.  Remember:  Keep your databases up to date for full protection!

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