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What is the IT System Status page?

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Last updated: 29 May, 2013
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IT notices, scheduled maintenance and outages:

In the past, Owens has experienced IT outages that have left the college servers inaccessible. During these outages, we haven't had any way of communicating these issues to our users. Because of this, we have been working on setting up a remote site to host our emergency status updates. With the new status.owens.edu page, we are now able to broadcast outages over multiple social media platforms, even if we are experiencing a major outage.  


The status.owens.edu page lists IT outages and scheduled maintenance in chronological order, making it easy for both students and staff to view when maintenance is scheduled and when outages have occured.

Each Status update shows the date and time the status was updated in the black bar at the top. Under the date and time, the status update will explain what system has been affected by the outage or maintenance and possibly when it will be restored.

The right side of the status page contains links to the Owens IT System Status social media pages. We currently have IT System Status pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and RSS Feed.

* The Tumblr link is located in the far right hand corner. 

This sidebar also has links back to the Owens Home Page, Ozone, Blackboard, Help Desk and the FAQ pages. Any routine maintenance will be listed in the last box in this section of the page.

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