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Who should Owens faculty and staff contact to reserve a room on the Toledo Campus for an internal Owens event or meeting?

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Last updated: 23 Aug, 2017
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Internal Room Requests - Sarah Smart, events@owens.edu

External Room Requests - Danielle Tracy, danielle_tracy@owens.edu

Academic Scheduling Requests - Jennifer York, csbr@owens.edu

All non-academic internal event/room requests should be sent to events@owens.edu. You will receive a response within 24 hours of your request. Any request needed within 3 business days of the event should be marked urgent. If possible, please submit event request 7 to 10 business days prior to an event. Staff meetings or other "regular" 1 to 2 hour meetings that do not require additional services such as audio visual, catering, security or maintenance, should be submitted at least 3 days prior to the requested date if possible. Adhering to the time frames will give all departments involved time to prepare in order to guarantee a successful event.

All external event/room requests should be sent to Danielle Tracy at danielle_tracy@owens.edu. External events include anything not related to Owens students, faculty or staff. These events will incur a cost for room usage and services. There are discounts for non-profit organizations, employees and Alumni on room rentals. For more information, please contact Danielle by email or ext. 7434.

Academic scheduling includes anything that is associated with delivery of instruction for a course and must go through your respective Department Chair.

Other Locations & Contacts:

Findlay Campus - Julie Easterday

CFPA/Theater - Jeremy Meier

Center for Emergency Preparedness (CEP) - Debra Pratt

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