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What can I do if I lost my job or have other special circumstances that make the information on the FAFSA not reflective of my current financial situation?

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Last updated: 20 Dec, 2017
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The Office of Financial Aid can take into account certain special circumstances, which may affect your aid eligibility.  These may include:

  • Loss of untaxed income (such as Social Security benefits, child support, or Workers Compensation);
  • Loss of one-time income received in the prior year (must be on your prior year federal income tax return);
  • Loss of income due to layoff, job change, or disability;
  • Medical or dental expenses not covered by health insurance but paid out of pocket.  Certain limits apply.

You can obtain a Special Conditions Application from Oserve and submit it with the required supporting documentation.  Please note that not all requests for special conditions are approved.

Semester deadlines to submit a Special Conditions Application for 2017-2018:

Summer 2017: July 30, 2017

Fall 2017:  November 30, 2017

Spring 2018:  April 26, 2018

Semester deadlines to submit a Special Conditions Application for 2018-2019:

Summer 2018:  July 29, 2018

Fall 2018:  December 6, 2018

Spring 2019:  May 9, 2019

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