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How do I print from my Otech computer?

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Last updated: 30 Nov, 2012
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One device that you may want to add to the computer is a printer. If you are buying one specifically for this computer, you will want to research and make sure there drivers available. Support for printers may be harder to come by for Linux computers than for Windows or a Mac. Due to the wide variety of printers available and many ways of connecting them, we are unable to provide direct support for printers.  

1.  After plugging in a printer, click the Start button, mouse over System and click on Printing.

2.  Click Add.

3.  Choose your connection type (probably LPT#1 if the printer is connected locally) and click Forward.

4.  Chose the make and model of your printer, then click Forward.

**If you do not find it within the list, the best solution is to probably search Google Ubuntu and your printer model .

5.  Follow the prompts to finish the installation.

**Remember that the student printing allowance in campus computer labs is available for all students registered for classes in the current semester, should you need to print and are unable to do so with this computer.

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