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Who do I contact for Otech support?

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Last updated: 15 Oct, 2013
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Otech is a student driven program. This includes Otech Support, which we have established to provide help for students that have received computers. Otech Support is built upon the idea of students helping students, and includes limited, best effort support while you are an Owens student. This includes:

Appointment-only assistance – Otech Support is provided by students volunteering their time and experience. As such, there are no regularly scheduled support office hours. Instead, after submitting a request for support, you will be contacted to set up an appointment based on the availability of Otech Support volunteers.

Best effort support – Otech Support cannot guarantee the sufficiency or duration of its support.  Otech will make an effort to assist with requests submitted via the methods listed below. Since the Otech program is based upon donated equipment and student volunteers, there may be situations in which Otech Support is unable to assist.




Complete the web form at https://www.owens.edu/otech/support.html


Fill out a paper version of the support request form, available in 213 College Hall on the Toledo Campus.

Please have the following information readily available for any support request
  • Name
  • Owens username (firstname_lastname)
  • Phone number
  • Otech PC ID number (sticker on your computer)
  • A description of the problem you are experiencing
We will contact you via your Owens email or the phone number you provided in the support request, so please check both your email and your voicemail frequently.
Please note that Otech Support is not affiliated with the Owens IT Help Desk, and the Help Desk will not provide support for Otech computers.

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