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Why am I unable to connect to WIFI? How do I connect to the Owens wireless network?

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Last updated: 06 Mar, 2018
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*Disclaimer: Owens is not responsible for personally owned devices or software. Download software at your own risk. For safe computing, always download software from reputable sites.

Note: Please make sure that your system is fully updated and you have anti-virus software installed.  Not all anti-virus programs are supported.

1.  Locate the wireless connections icon located in the bottom corner of your screen.

wireless connections icon

Right-click on the connections icon to bring up a list of available connections.

2.  Find "OWIFI" on the list of connections.

NOTE:  Connecting to another network on this list is potentially dangerous, if you decide to connect to one of these rogue networks, YOU ARE CONNECTING AT YOUR OWN RISK!

list of available connections


3.  Click on “OWIFI” and a “Connect” button will appear.

“Connect” button


If you would like your computer to automatically connect to OWIFI whenever the network is in range, check the box next to "Connect automatically".  To connect to the wireless network, click "Connect".

A box will pop up briefly telling you that your computer is connecting to the Owens wireless network:

wireless newtork connection status pop up box


4.  Once you are connected, open your browser of choice (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and you should be presented with a log-in screen.  

**Before you are given wireless access, you need to read the Owens Computing Policy.**

log-in screen


Type in your Ozone username and password in the provided text fields. If you have not yet set up your password for Ozone, your initial password is your two-digit birth day, two digit birth year, and 4th and 5th digits of your social security number. For example, if John Does birthday is January 11, 1977 and his social security number is 999-66-3333, his initial password is 117766. You may change your password once you login.

Click on the "I Have Read and Accept The Computing Policy" button to verify that you have read and understand the Owens Computing Policy.

5.  To sign off of OWIFI, right-click on the wireless icon in the bottom corner of your screen.  Click on "OWIFI" on the connections list and you will be presented with a "Disconnect" button.  Click this button to disconnect from the Owens wireless network.


disconnect button


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