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I am having problems connecting to the Owens wireless network. Are there settings I can check on my computer that may help me to resolve this issue?

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Last updated: 25 Aug, 2014
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If certain settings on your computer are not correct, it could be preventing you from accessing Owens wifi.  Here are a few easily accessible settings you can check:

1.  Are the date and time on your computer set correctly?  The Owens wireless is a secure network and SSL certificates are used to help keep the network secure.  These certificates have an expiration date and if your computer’s time is not set correctly, your computer won’t accept the certificate.  Generally you can get around this by manually accepting the certificate, but we recommend fixing the problem instead.

2.  Is your wireless card turned on?  The on and off switch for a wireless network card can be located in different locations depending on each individual computer.  Generally the wireless symbol looks something like this:

Your computer should have a button either with this symbol on it or with this symbol near it.  Generally this button will be lit when the wireless card is turned on.  Some computers may have a switch to turn on instead of a button.  A message is generally shown on your screen when the wireless card is turned on and off.

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