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Explanation of the Terms used on a Student's Class Schedule.

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Explanation of Schedule Terms:



 P/T - Parts of Term defines: number of weeks of the course, beginning and ending dates of course, and last day to add and drop courses (view parts of term schedule below).

CRN - Course Reference Number

SUBJ - Course Subject:

Eng - English

CRSE - Course Number: 3-digit number identifying which course, corresponds with title.

SEC - Section Number: 3-digit number that indicates the days and time when this specific section will meet.

C - Campus:

T - Toledo-area,

F - Findlay-area

COURSE Title - Title of the Course

CREDS - Course Credit Hours

DAYS - Days of the Week:

M - Monday,

T  - Tuesday,

W - Wednesday,

R - Thursday,

F - Friday

S - Saturday,

U - Sunday

START/STOP - Meeting Time of the Course (start and end)

BUILD - Building Location,

OFFCT - Off Campus Toledo,

OFFCF - Off Campus Findlay

TBA  - To Be Announced

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