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How do I reset my password?

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Last updated: 16 Dec, 2019
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If you have forgotten or lost your password, please visit the Reset Password link.

If you need to change your password and you know your existing password, please visit the Change Password link or the password portlet in Ozone.

*The Reset password link can also be found at my.owens.edu or when you have a failed log-in attempt.


1.  Type your Username into the field provided (username is your firstname_lastname).

Screen shot: Enter Username in the Username field, Click Search

2.  Answer the two questions with the answers you provided when you initially set up your Reset Password Questions.  Make sure the responses are entered exactly how they were entered initially.

Screen shot: Answer the two security questions

3.  Read the Responsible Computing Policy and then click on the check-box to show you agree.  Click Continue.

Screen shot: You must agree with the Responsible Computing Policy; Check mark next to I agree, continue button

4.  Enter your new password in the fields provided.  If you receive the error "One or more responses not correct.  Please try again.", check your spelling and then try again.

Screen shot: Password rules, enter new password, confirm new password, click change password

5.  You should see a box that says Your password has been changed successfully.  Click Continue.

Screen shot: Your password has been changed successfully

6.  Ozone will now log you out.

Screen Shot:  Logging out...

7.  Close your browser and then re-open your browser and then log-in using your new password

If you have tried the Reset Password link and you still cannot reset your password, call the Help Desk at (567) 661-7120 or 1-800-GO-OWENS, ext. 7120.  You must have your OCID to reset your password over the phone.  The caller must be the individual requesting the password change.
Otherwise, you will need to visit College Hall 213 on the Toledo campus or the Commons Area on the Findlay campus.  You must bring a photo ID (Owens ID card or Driver's License) and the individual requesting the password change must be present.

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