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document I'm having problems printing. What can I check?
The most common problems are: 1. The printer is out of paper. 2. The printer has a paper jam. 3. The printer is not on. 4. If it is a network printer, you may not be logged into the network. 5. The printer is offline. 6.  You don't have an Owens Student ID card,...
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document What can I do to reduce the number of pages I print?
There are several steps that you can take to reduce your need to print. You may want to consider the following: * Keep electronic copies. "Print" documents to a PDF file instead of printing to paper or copy information to a Word document. Save research articles to a Flash drive or...
16 May, 2013 Views: 558
document Who do I contact for printing help?
If you are having a problem with a print job in a lab, notify the lab assistant immediately. If you have any questions about your print accounting or problems with printing, please contact the HelpDesk at (567) 661-7120 or helpdesk@owens.edu.
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document Will I get "credit" or a refund for printer misfeeds, low toner or other printing mishaps?
If there is a paper jam or low toner, notify the lab assistant while it is happening. The lab assistant will be able to assist you by re-printing for you without it affecting your 250 allotment. Re-prints can only be done within a thirty minute timeframe, it is important that you notify...
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document How can I check my Student Print balance?
Each time you print, a pop-up window will show how many pages you have printed and how many pages remain in your allotment.
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document How do I add money to my Express Card?
You can put money on your Express Card at any of the Value Transfer Stations on campus, at the Bookstore, the Jaguar Pro Shop across from the Jaguar Grill on the Toledo Campus, and on the web by logging in to Ozone. The Bookstore and the Jaguar Pro Shop can take cash, check, or credit card...
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document What happens if I am attempting to print and go over my quota?
After you have printed 250 copies during the current semester, you will need to deposit funds to your Express Card to print in a computer lab. There are three ways to do this: ADD FUNDS ON OZONE 1) Log on to your Ozone account at www.owens.edu. 2) Find the Express Card section in the...
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document How will I be charged for over quota printing?
Once you exceed the free 250-page ($10) allotment, you must have money in your Express Card account to print.
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document What will happen when I print?
One of two things will happen: 1. When you print in a public or academic lab, you will see an information window indicating your current printing balance and the number of pages of the current print job. You will have the opportunity to approve and send, or cancel the print job. 2. If you...
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document Why does Owens limit the amount of pages students and faculty can print/copy?
In an effort to be good stewards of resources, Owens has implemented a semester printing quota for all students beginning Spring Semester 2011. The College has a strong commitment to sustainable and green practices across campus.    For more information, please view the...
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