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College Credit Plus
document Can I repeat a failed class under this program?
This is something you must discuss with your high school counselor.
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document May a high school student participate in any college activity?
In general, no. Students participating in the CCP program continue to be high school students. However, some college activities may directly relate to specific courses taken by CCP students (e.g. art, music, drama activities) and would warrant attendance.
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document If I take some or all of my courses at Owens, am I eligible to participate in high school extracurricular activities?
Students participating in the program remain high school students. They are entitled to participate in appropriate school district activities so long as they meet the criteria established by district policy or administrative procedures.
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document Where can I find more information about Owens?
Your most important source of information will be the college’s website: www.owens.edu.
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