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College Credit Plus
document Can I take summer classes under the CCP program?
Yes. CCP students are able to enroll in classes during the summer as part of the overall number of eligible CCP hours for the academic year. Credits earned in the summer will be applied to the following fall semester at high school.
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document Will Owens send final grades from courses taken to the high schools at the end of each term for Option B students?
Yes. Student pursuing Option A can request that a transcript be sent to their high school.
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document Will the college send progress and attendance reports to the high school on a periodic basis for Option B students?
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document Will the courses taken at Owens be included in my high school grade point average or GPA?
Your school or school board will determine whether, and the manner in which, grades will be included in the grade point averages of their students. In most cases, students who enroll in CCP Option B will have their college classes posted to their high school transcript and included in the high...
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document What happens if I fail a class?
If you fail a CCP Option B course, the high school may require that you pay back the cost of that course to them. The failure will likely also affect your high school GPA and could impact graduation from high school. In addition, failed college courses can negatively impact future financial aid...
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document Does Owens have a college-wide attendance policy?
No. Each instructor establishes the attendance rules for his/her course. It is important for the students to be aware of the attendance rules for each course they are taking. Course attendance expectations are outlined on the course syllabus distributed at the first class meeting or posted in...
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document What resources are available to me if I am having difficulty with a class?
First, talk with your instructor. Your instructor may be able to offer the insight or help you need to be successful. Second, take advantage of the free tutoring that is offered in the Tutoring Centers. Information about Tutoring Services can be found at https://www.owens.edu/learning/. You may...
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document What are the consequences of withdrawing from a college course?
Withdrawing from a college course after the course has begun may affect completion of graduation requirements and should be discussed with your high school counselor and parents or guardian. The cost paid for you by the state may also be recovered by the school or school board from you, your...
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document What are the consequences of failing a college course?
Failure of a course could prevent your high school graduation. Your high school will provide you with counsel on this matter. The failure also becomes a permanent part of your college record, which could impact future financial aid eligibility. The cost paid for you by the state may also be...
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document If I fail a class at the college, who pays for the class?
Students who fail a class may be required by their high school to pay for the failed class. You should contact your high school regarding this.
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