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College Credit Plus
document Where are the courses held?
Owens Community College courses are held on the Owens campuses/locations and at selected high schools. Some courses can also be taken online. Information regarding a specific course’s location can be found on the class schedule, available at https://www.owens.edu/class_search.php.
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document Is there a difference between the courses held on the Owens Campus and Owens courses taught at the high school?
Besides the location, classes held at the high school may differ from those held at Owens in terms of calendar/schedule.
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document Are the courses taken at Owens transferable?
Owens is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and is part of the University System of Ohio. Many Owens courses will transfer to other colleges and universities via state-wide transfer rules and/or individual articulation agreements with other...
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document What courses should I take?
You should plan your course work carefully with your high school counselor. As a CCP student, you can pursue coursework that will fulfill high school graduation requirements and/or electives that will enrich your educational experience and/or satisfy a special interest. In addition, you may want...
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document If a course is not in the Ohio Transfer Module, does that mean it will not transfer?
Not necessarily. The course may transfer into a particular major such as accounting, business, or education. You should speak with a representative from the college/university to which you plan to transfer to ask about transferability and applicability of Owens coursework for your desired program...
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document Can I take remedial or developmental courses under Option B?
No. CCP students may take only college level courses through the CCP program.
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document I am a home-schooled student. Can I participate in the CCP program?
For more information about the state guidelines regarding the CCP program and home schooled students, visit https://www.ohiohighered.org/ccp.
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document What is the relationship between the high school Carnegie unit (credit) and a college credit hour?
According to state guidelines, if a class is 3 or more semester hours, it will be considered equivalent to 1 high school credit. A 1 credit hour course is equivalent to .33 of a high school credit. A 2 credit hour course is equivalent to .66 of a high school credit.
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document What are the limitations on the number of college courses that can be paid for at Owens under the CCP program?
CCP students are limited on the number of credits they can take. High school credits are called Carnegie Units. The state formula for calculating eligible credits for CCP is the following: take the number of high school only credits the student is taking times 3 and then subtract that number from...
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document Can I take evening classes?
Yes. Students may take day, evening, weekend, or online classes.
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